Using A Vaporizer With Water Pipe

We don’t really know when or where water pipes, bongs, and other filtering tools were created, but they have been used to consume herbs for a very long time. The name “bong” is derived from the Thai word “buang,” which was used to designate specifically to the bamboo bongs that were popular in Central Asia.

The Mughal physician Hakim Abul Fath is thought to have created the water pipe in order to combat tobacco’s negative effects, which were then only becoming known.

Vaping Through Water

While vaporizers are relatively new in the world of dry herb usage, water pipes have been around for so long that we can’t recall when or where they were first created.

The use of hemp seeds for vaporization may have been practiced by Egyptians at some point in history, but enough with the archaeology.

Pioneers Eagle Bill, Ben Dronker, and Evert “Verdamper” created the first herb vaporizers that we are familiar with in the early 1990s (literally means “vaporizer” in Dutch). And what about that? A water pipe was previously present in the early vaporizers! The first vaporizers were actually vape bongs, starting with Eagle Bill’s heat gun-activated gadget and continuing with the Verdamper.

Vape Bong

A bong is just a bong. Water pipes utilized with a vaporizer in place of the conventional combustion bowls are simply referred to as “vape bongs.” The only true distinction is therefore that they are significantly cleaner and don’t stink of tar and other combustion byproducts. Yet, that is due to how you use it, not because it has a different function, aim, or design.

The advantages of filtering Vapor through water

As was previously mentioned, the invention of bongs and water pipes was motivated by the desire to avoid the negative effects of smoking. So you might be wondering what the purpose is of pairing a vaporizer with a water filtration system.

In reality, there are a number of reasons—many of which are directly related to the alleged drawbacks of vaping—for which you would wish to use a vape bong to filter your vapor.

  • Removing tiny particles that get through the screen

Even though vaping, if it produces any by-products at all, is far less harmful than burning, you should nonetheless prepare to inhale some microscopic plant particles. Some microscopic fragments of your herbs are small enough to squeeze through the vaporizer’s filter or screen.

The addition of a water to your vapor path will add an additional filtration step because the water will trap the tiny, light plant particles, keeping them out of your respiratory system.

  • Cooling the vapor for a more comfortable temperature to inhale

Thermal extraction devices can produce vapor that is too hot for some people to draw breath comfortably, which usually leads to unpleasant draws and a bad experience. The temperature of the vapour will be significantly lowered by the addition of water, making inhalation easier and more enjoyable.

  • Adding moisture to the vapor for a softer, more comfortable experience

Vapor can be viewed as harsh, which is undoubtedly related to its temperature, but also because it is considerably dryer than ordinary air when you inhale it from a vaporizer.

There is yet another good reason to use a vape bong by Online Head Shop because the dry air can irritate your throat and airways.

How to use a water pipe and vaporizer to their greatest advantage?

  • Familiarize yourself with tools

Knowing your equipment is, of course, the first step to having a successful bong vaping experience. Is it simple to connect your vaporizer to a water pipe? Is a WPA (Water Pipe Adapter) accessory required and provided in the box? If so, what joint sizes will it accommodate? Is it possible to slightly restrict the airflow without compromising your vaping experience?

  • Experiment

Do you have Vape Acquisition Syndrome, which is a very serious condition? At home, do you already have bongs and other water pipes? Your closet is jam-packed with vapes and accessories. You’re not alone, after all! We thermal extraction aficionados have a reputation for being tool-crazy. The advantage is that it lets you experiment with various arrangements and mixtures. It’s important to try what works best for YOU because we are all different.

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