What does Non-Methylated Vitamin Mean?

Methylated Vitamin

It is a compound that combines with a specific molecule of one carbon atom and three hydrogens, known as “Methyl group” CH3.You may be familiar with the Methylation process, your body’s most demanding mechanism. This process activates the various chemicals by giving (methyl) group, which are able to work in your body. It’s okay to take methylated supplements; if someone faces health issues from taking them, they need to use Non-Methylated supplements. 

Side effects of Non-Methylated Vitamins

The response of some people to these methylated nutrients is feeble, which means if someone suffers from adverse effects after having something with B vitamins, they may be sensitive to methylated nutrients.

Following are some of the side effects of methylated nutrients:

  • Increased or irregular heartbeat
  • Severe headache
  • Nervousness

Some other disturbing and uncomfortable symptoms

These side effects may create and cause extreme disturbance and distress. It May take days to weeks to get cured.

Non-Methylated Vitamin

These are nutrients that are free from the Methyl mentioned above group; these are formulated in such a way that they are entirely free from methylated nutrients, and in replacement of those nutrients, they contain methyl-free alternatives.

However, alternatives to every methylated nutrient are unavailable, but options of Vitamin B12 and foliate are pretty readily available in markets.

These alternatives can be seen in some multivitamins, Vitamin B, or in prenatal and are labeled as:

  • Methyl free
  • Free from Methyl
  • Nonmethylated
  • MF

While one can also find them as standalone B12 and folate products.

Non-Methylated Vitamin and Methylation

An important question arises: if someone is taking these non-methylated forms of Vitamin, do they still go through methylation and MTHFR gene mutation?

The answer to this is YESS!! Instead, these non-methylated versions are excellent bioactive alternatives to methylated nutrients because these alternatives depend entirely on your node to convert them into active forms, which are thought to be self-regulating.

As we all know, methylation is an effective procedure in our body that involves transferring the methyl group from one substance to another. Your body gets these methyl groups by having methylated nutrients in any form, such as methylfolate. Methylation is reasonably necessary for your organs to work perfectly. It keeps all your machinery in good working condition, including your major organ systems and genetic expression.

Although methylation is an essential process of your body that runs by having methylated nutrients, some individuals are susceptible to methylated nutrients and show adverse effects such as headache, nervousness, and rapid heartbeat. Methylfolate is necessary for methylation, but that’s not the only option that supports methylation and the MTHFR gene; some Non-methylated forms of Vitamin and nutrients available that work as their alternatives. Folinic acid, a Non-methylated choice of foliate and hydroxocobalamin, Methyl, a free form of Vitamin B12, is quite readily available, works excellent as bioactive alternatives, and highly supports the methylation pathway. For people sensitive to methylated products, these mentioned Methyl free alternatives could be their perfect choice.


Non-methylated vitamins are also known as Methyl free vitamins; these are the capsules specially designed and formulated without any methylfolate or vitamin B12 in them. Yet these supplements provide alternatives to Methylated Vitamin.

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