What is Node.js?

You might be interested to know that Node.js is a software development technology used by some of the biggest platforms in global business, from Netflix to LinkedIn, and for creating fast, high-quality applications.The Node.js runtime environment is built on the popular Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. In the era of front-end applications, JavaScript allows us to use the same programming language for both front-end and back-end.The potential of Node.js can be used for more than just server-side web applications and web development. In short, Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment and open source library that is used to run web applications outside the client browser.

How does Node.js work?

Node.js is designed to be single-threaded, but has the capability to run on multiple cores by decomposing a thread into sub-processes run by cores using shared sockets. This enables the development of load balancing processes. The cluster module provided by Node.js allows each slave process to maintain its own single-threaded event loop transparently to the user. Ideal real-time two-way streaming of data (including audio and video) is often the strongest reason for choosing Node.js over other technologies.

What is Node.js used for?

As we mentioned above, the potential of Node.js can be used to create server-side web applications and websites, but this is not its only function. Node.js is able to provide all the basic functionality for building real-time chatbots of any complexity. A runtime environment for executing JavaScript code. has a powerful event API that makes it easy to create “emitters” that periodically emit named events “listened to” by event handlers.This functionality makes it easy to implement server-side events and push notifications. What is Node.Js used for too? Using Node.js we can create web applications using such frameworks as Vue or Svelte. We can also create server-side applications using frameworks like Express, Koa.The unique feature of Node.js is that it solves scalability issues and has non-blocking input/output support. Are you still wondering why Node.js is used? It’s written in C++ so it allows you to compile Java Script source code into machine language.Thanks to its performance, it can handle many requests simultaneously, which is why its popularity far surpasses the most popular Apache.

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