What was old division football?

Prior to modern football, in different places across the world several similar games were being played. Feel free to go to 1xBet – secure betting online can be made on the modern variation of the sport.

An interesting example of an old football game was played by students of Dartmouth College in the United States. They played this game between the 1820s and 1890s, and it was called “old division football”.

When the game began, the rules for football and rugby hadn’t been created in England yet. Bettors can make secure online betting at 1xBet on matches from those two sports. For this reason, old mob football had rules that were created locally. In fact, by the end of the 19th century, and after the rules of football and rugby had been introduced to the United States, this sport continued independently. 

The United Fraternity vs the Social Friends

Most old division football games played at Dartmouth featured two groups of students. Punters can always go to 1xBet – place a live bet on football and its related sports. Most matches were played by the Social Friends against the United Fraternity.

However, on other occasions, other groups of students played the game. Sometimes the classes from odd-numbered years faced their even-numbered counterparts. Speaking about teams, you can place a live bet at 1xBet on plenty of modern football teams too

How did the game work

Old division football seemed to look quite chaotic from the outside. The objective of the game was to take a ball to a specific place at the university, while the opposite team tried to prevent their rivals from doing so. You can always find great football online betting on 1xbet.pk/line/football, where you can wager on hundreds of different games.

However, some rules were applied by the participants, which can be summarized as follows:

  • there were five umpires in total, including a senior one;
  • teams tried to take the ball from a place called the “second base” to a specific building of the college;
  • before the ball was kicked, all players of the team that carried the ball had to be behind it, while all opponents had to be in front of it;
  • kicking or holding other players was strictly forbidden;
  • finally, the team that manages to throw the ball through one of the fences of the university won the game.

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