Why Hire Exterior Painters from St. Petersburg FL

When you decide to make a few color changes to update a bedroom or living space in St. Petersburg, that’s much different than tackling the entirety of the house’s exterior. The outside is exposed to extreme temperatures, harsh conditions, or weather events like strong winds or heavy rainfall, and UV rays. 

Credentialed professional contractors are trained and knowledgeable in handling not only the various challenges painting outdoors in Florida can present, but the experts come prepared and are cautious.  

Painting teams have the proper equipment, supplies, and experience working on ladders with single or multi-floor structures. Please visit Brothers Colors Painting of St. Petersburg FL, for an example of one of these painting companies. 

What would experts advise for those who are preparing to paint their homes? Let’s review some helpful hints from the professionals. 

Helpful Hints From Professional Painting Teams In St. Petersburg FL 

Trained, professional painters in Florida are prepared not only to face the outdoor conditions when painting a home’s exterior, but the teams are safe and cautious.  

That means these experts have the proper equipment, supplies, and experience to handle climbing ladders while painting at any level. While working on the project, the team is fully prepared with preventive techniques to prevent accidents or injuries. 

When homeowners decide to try the job on their own, experts offer guidance with a few helpful hints. Find out the fastest, simplest ways to paint a house at https://www.thespruce.com/easiest-fastest-way-to-paint-a-house-1821069. Consider these suggestions. 

  • The prep work is extensive 

Before the paint can go up, the surface needs to be prepared. That involves removing dirt and debris like cobwebs, scraping old paint, and pressure washing the structure. The aim is to start with fresh, clean walls to ensure the primer will adhere seamlessly. 

  • The paint type will need to work with the house’s material 

Expert painters ensure the paint type correlates with the house’s material, whether brick, aluminum, vinyl, cement, stucco and on. A wood exterior will use a unique paint type compared to that of a brick or stucco exterior.  

If you need more clarification on the paint type that will work with the material on your home, it’s essential to speak with a professional before buying a product. 

  • Paint colors need to complement the neighborhood

While you might be settled on a unique color scheme for your exterior, the aesthetic should fit into the surrounding neighborhood. That’s especially true if a homeowner’s association dictates regulations for the houses in the community. 

The first step is to select a few paint chips showing the colors you prefer to see if these work with the neighborhood guidelines. You can then narrow it down to one or two to buy pints to paint small sections of the house.  

These “2×2” “swatches” can be viewed at different times of the day to decide the most attractive in every light. 

  • The entryway door can be a focal point 

Regardless of the exterior wall color, the entryway door can be an array of brilliant colors to stand out as a focal point. It’s suggested to have fun with this part of the home.  

Since you can’t paint the entire house a bold color like vibrant red or lovely emerald green, doing so with the entryway door is the perfect way to add your statement. The paint finish should be semi-gloss or satin to allow optimum durability. 

The home’s walls will likely be matte or flat, but the door needs to be easier to maintain with a semblance of volume compared to the rest of the house. Click here for exterior painting tips. 

  • Consider employing the services of a professional painting team 

It’s relatively simple to find tips and tricks for painting the house’s exterior online with various tutorials and guidelines. Still, the recommendation is to enlist the services of an expert painting team.  

The exterior of the home will be viewed by everyone passing by. It will be the first impression of guests, close friends, and relatives stopping in to pay a visit. Based on the outcome, it will also add to the neighboring community either positively or not. 

While it might seem an exciting endeavor, the process can prove more complex than the house’s interior. If you’re not versed in painting, the result can be less-than-acceptable, causing you to call in a professional after the fact and creating more significant expenses for the project overall. 

Aside from costs, safety is a vital consideration with climbing on ladders, a primary precaution whether one level or multiple. An expert has the training, experience, and adequate tools, equipment, and supplies to perform the work safely.  

When using a qualified, credentialed painting company, you can rest assured that the work will be efficient, swift, and of high quality, the pride of the community.

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