10 Practical Ways to Promote Your Content for Beginners

This might sound obvious, but promoting the content you made is as important as the content you are presenting. Think about it, you may have a masterpiece of a content which you’re confident that people would love, but your traffic flow is not up to the mark.

Unfortunately, a lot of beginner content creators are not aware of this fact yet. Simply having quality and insightful content is not enough to attract people’s attention. This is where content promotion comes into play. Here are the 10 ways you could promote your amazing content.

#1. Building Email List

While some might say that this way of promoting your content is outdated, it should not be overlooked. The reason why you should build an email list is to increase your subscriber count and ensure business prospects by communicating with new and previous clients.  This includes putting email sign up on places such as the top menu bar, header of the site, side bar, pop up, and etc.

“What’s one of the most important rules when building an email list?

It is getting consent from your audience. Getting consent ensures that your subscribers do wish to receive updates from your brand” – verticalresponse.com

#2. Utilize Social Media

This seems like a no-brainer advice, but what we mean by this is don’t just share your content yourself, let your audience share them for you too. Made your content easier to share.

Start incorporating share buttons and share highly visual contents through popular sites such as TikTok and Instagram. The content that can be shared on social media varies, from visual-texts, photo, animation or live-action videos.

#3. Reach out to Influencers

Daniel Foley, CMO at Scooter.guide says “Influencers have already built their audience; you can work with them to promote your content for you. It goes without saying that you need to pay attention to target demographics of the content you try to promote whether it’s in accordance with the influencer’s audience. Gaining exposure this way in early stages of content marketing is crucial for your business.”

#4. Consider Paid Promotion

The point of paid promotion is to reach out audiences from various demographics beside your usual clients. Be sure to do some research on some areas that might be interested in your content and invest in those ads rather than blindly choosing areas that clearly aren’t related to your product.

#5. Employ SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you be noticed by your casual internet surfer. It brings new people to your traffic who are interested with the things related to your content. Use effective keywords and phrases throughout the parts of your content in order to promote your content.

#6. Include Internal Link

Daniel Foley, Founder of Daniel Foley SEO says “If you have already made several other articles or posts before, use it. You could make an internal link from your current article to your previous written articles or post to circulate your audience to your contents. The references you link from your own content will increase the traffic flow and make your older articles more relevant.”

#7. Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose helps you to make a different form of promotion despite having the same content from other forms of promotion.

For example, if your infographic post blew up, you could turn that same infographic you post into a presentation video of you explaining the content of that infographic. People digest content in different ways, some like audio, some prefer infographics, some prefer long form of videos and many more.

#8. Engage Your Audience

Actively engaging with your audience is also a way to promote content promotion. This is because people are more likely to share the content that they participated or contributed to.

Remember that you have to make a content inline with what the audience likes, i.e. if you’re in the medical department, you can make healthcare videos.

Utilizing survey polls, replying comments and inviting feedback are some of the ways you can interact with your audience. Don’t forget to measure video marketing ROI because it is quite vital for your overall video or digital marketing campaigns.

#9. Post At The Best Timing

Timing your uploads and shares throughout your social media platforms is important. You need to understand when to share your amazing contents and when people would see the notification tab.

According to Becky Usanga, the Co-Founder of HowTosGuru “A tip for this content promotion is, let’s say you’re active on Instagram, you want to share your latest product, knowing the busiest traffic time of the day will be beneficial as many people would likely see your post. You could also repurpose the content and upload it on Instagram later.”

#10. Optimize Your Promotion When Necessary

Keep in mind that not every content promotion works all the time. There will be times where one strategy works better than the other and not every strategy that works would stay working in the upcoming months. Regularly analyze the results for your content promotion and see if anything needs to be improved. If a certain tactic works, then use that to your advantage.

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