*101*1*02# Jazz Package Details: Monthly Social Bundle

Do you want to get the most affordable *101*1*02# Jazz Monthly package? Without even thinking for the another second Just dial *101*1*02# to get it. This package is super convenient and has cheaper rates.

*101*1*02# Jazz Package

You will get a big bunch of 12,000 SMS and 7 GB of data For only RS. 174 (including tax). It’s perfect for texting and using social media without spending too much, this package is the best offer for you.

*101*1*02# Jazz Package Details

The *101*1*02# Jazz package is a 30 day social bundle offer to keep you in touch with friends and family without worrying about running out of SMS or data. Here’s what you get when you subscribe:

  • 12000 SMS to any network
  • 7 GB of data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO

All of this comes at an affordable rates making it one of the most popular packages among Jazz users.

Subscription Details

Subscription Code1011*02#
PriceRs. 174 (Incl. Tax)
Recharge RequiredRs. 200
Validity30 Days
Status Code1012*02#
Info Code1013*02#
*101*1*02# Jazz SMS Package

But keep this in mind that you can not renew this offer, which means you’ll need to dial the subscription code again to renew it after 30 days.

Terms and Conditions

  • This package lasts for 30 days after you subscribe.
  • You can use the data MBs for both 3G and 4G networks.
  • The internet speed might change depending on your SIM card, location.
  • prices include taxes.

How to Subscribe *101*1*02# Jazz Package

To activate the Jazz Monthly SMS Package, simply dial *101*1*02# from your Jazz number. For this you have a balance of at least RS. 200 to cover the subscription fee and any applicable taxes.

Benefits of the Package

  • Affordability: Priced at just RS. 174, this package is highly affordable for the value it offers.
  • Communication: With 5000 SMS and additional data for social media apps, it covers all bases for communication.
  • Ease of Use: Simple subscription and status check codes make it user-friendly.

How to Unsubscribe

If you wish to unsubscribe from the package before the 30 day period ends, dial *101*1*02#. Keep in mind that the package will not renew, so you don’t have to unsubscribe if you don’t want to continue using it after a month.

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Checking Your Package Status

To check the status of your *101*1*02# Jazz package and see how many SMS or data MBs you have left, dial 101202#. This is a easy way to keep track of your usage and avoid running out unexpectedly.

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Why Choose This Package?

The *101*1*02# Jazz package is ideal for users who depend on SMS for communication but also enjoy staying active on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO. It’s a cheaper package but doesn’t compromise on the quality or quantity of services provided.

*101*1*02# Jazz Package

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Summarizing *101*1*02# Jazz Package Details

The 1011*02# Jazz Monthly SMS Package is perfect if you want to chat a lot and use social media without worrying about extra costs. You get lots of text messages and data for the whole month. Just subscribe now and enjoy jazz social bundle offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the *101*1*02# Jazz Package Jazz Monthly SMS Package offer?

SMS: 12000 SMS to any network
Data: 7 GB for WhatsApp, IMO, and Facebook
Price: Rs. 174 (Incl. Tax)
Recharge Required: Rs. 200
Validity: 30 days

How can I subscribe to the *101*1*02# Jazz Package Jazz Monthly SMS Package?

To subscribe, dial 1011*02# from your Jazz prepaid SIM.

How do I check the status of my *101*1*02# Jazz Monthly SMS Package?

You can check the remaining SMS and data by dialing the status code 1012*02#.

What happens if I want to re subscribe to the package after 30 days?

The package is non-recursive, which means it will not automatically renew. You must dial the subscription code 1011*02# again to re subscribe.

Is there a way to unsubscribe from the 1011*02# Jazz Monthly SMS Package?

Yes, you can unsubscribe by dialing 1014*02#

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