3 of the most important things you learn during first aid certification!

First aid certification is a great way to learn more about first aid and how to handle emergencies. It’s also a perfect tool for workers in construction, healthcare, law enforcement, and any other workplace. But what are the most important things that you learn during this training? Here are the three top things that you’ll learn during standard first aid and cpr certification!

Responding to Emergencies

One of the most important things that you learn during first aid certification is how to respond to emergencies. Before you get to showcase your first aid skills, you must first know how to weigh the situation. This includes everything from basic steps like how to approach the injured person, calling for help, to more complex procedures like CPR and using a defibrillator. Most people are quick to rush in and make the situation worse; this is why it’s important to know how to respond properly. With this information, you can save the life of the injured and your own!

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Under responding to emergencies, there’s first aid, treating wounds, and CPR and AED training.

First Aid

First aid is another key component of first aid certification. You’ll learn how to treat common injuries and illnesses, as well as how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Treating Wounds

The last thing you learn during your training is how to treat wounds and injuries. This includes everything from basic cuts, scrapes, and bruises, all the way up to more serious conditions like broken bones or common eye problems.

CPR and AED training

Everyone knows about CPR, but what about AED training? The American Heart Association does not recommend learning both. It’s recommended that you learn either one or the other. After going through first aid certification and completing a course, you should know which one is best for your workplace!

Breathing and Choking Emergencies

Regardless of age, anyone is bound to choke while eating or drinking. Maybe food sticks in the throat or you are allergic to some specific foods- whatever it is, you will need immediate help. Handling breathing and choking emergencies is another important facet of first aid certification training. You’ll learn what to do if someone can’t breathe or is turning blue, as well as when a person could be choking on something they’re eating or drinking.

Poisons and Medications

Another thing that you learn during first aid certification is how to deal with poisons and medications. This includes everything from basic information about over-the-counter drugs, to more serious cases where someone has taken an overdose of prescription medication. You will also learn how to contain the situation as you await further medical help.

These are just three of the most important things that you learn during your first aid certification. There are many other things that you’ll learn, from how to handle burns, to what to do if someone is having a seizure. A first aid certification is an important tool for anyone who wants to be prepared for any kind of emergency. Make sure to get certified today!

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