4 Reasons Why You Must Choose Leather For Your Car Mat

Undeniably, with a car comes several commitments and investments to make. When you put your money into buying the latest car model in town, accessorising it the right way is inevitable. On the bottom line, accessorising your car, adding a high-quality car mat, seat covers eventually protects your investment! A high-quality car mat can preserve your car’s floor from stains, dirt and dust. On that note,  leather car floor mats give your car’s floor all-season protection without jeopardising the interior. Leather mats are a go-to choice for luxury cars which act as an upgrade from conventional rubber mats.

Benefits of choosing leather

Now that it is apparent that floor mats are a necessity for your car, you might still juggle between the different materials available. Leather has been the leader when it comes to car floor mats that can look better with age. Leather is one such fabric that can resist all types of stress and strains yet look elegantly in place.

If you have been using rubber car mats, you will know that your car needs a replacement frequently. Some vehicle floors require a higher grade of protection. This has made leather mats a must-buy option. Here is a list of ways you can benefit from using leather car floor mats.

1. A stylish addition!

If you want to upgrade your car’s value, adding a leather floor mat is one economical and functional option. Custom leather mats make a statement piece and, using one for your car says how much you care about your car’s interior. No matter if you own a luxury car or not, a leather mat can make your car look and feel luxurious. Make sure to buy 100% leather mats to leave an elegant finish!

2. Easy to clean

Unlike the common misconception, leather car mats are remarkably easy to care for and clean. Leather floor mats do not absorb stains or dust in the first place. As a result, you will not have to put much effort or money into cleaning your leather floor mats. Also, leather mats do not demand a deeper clean like other floor mats. All you have to do is use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe off dust and other stains occasionally. With longer life and high resilience, leather mats aren’t just durable but offer 360-degree coverage.

3. Secure fastening

What is a car floor mat that keeps slipping from its position, which eventually makes the floor susceptible to the mess from your wet shoes? Most stock mats often move from the place as a matter of the fact that they cannot fasten to a specific floor type. A faulty size can be another reason why the floor mats do not stay in place.

 Luckily, leather floor mats come with a non-slip design. So no more compromise on the functional aspect! It’s so because leather floor mats have a thick and robust upper surface that gets layered to form a non-slip criss-cross pattern. As a result, the friction gets maximised, keeping the mat intact.

4. A comfortable driving experience

If you are someone who happens to frequently use the car, loves long drives and road trips, a leather car floor mat is for you! Leather mats can infuse a cushioned surface for your legs, keeping them comfortable during longer rides. These mats provide adequate support while you drive and can come to the rescue to keep your feet stable. Accidents can happen when the driver feels his legs cramped or does not have optimal support and comfort. On that note, a leather floor mat is all you will need to drive safe and comfortable.

Author: Alison Lurie

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