5 Different Types Of Dance Genres And Their Corresponding Dance Clothes

Dance has been present in the Australian continent for over 40,000 years. It has been present since the time indigenous people have inhabited the land. Modern dance, on the other hand, was brought by European migrants in the 1940s.

There are different types of dances, and each dancer has their dance clothes or costumes. These dance costumes can be classified as folk, historical, modern, ballroom, and musical. These dances’ costumes are as varied as their dance moves.

Folk Dance Costumes

Folk dance or bush dance originated in Europe and was brought to Australian soil by migrants. The costumes worn in folk dances are as varied and complex as the origin of the dance. These are usually colourful clothing that is decorated with beads, silk threads, and metal. Women’s clothing is typically layered, reminiscent of what was worn in 15th century Europe.

Historical Dance Costumes

This costume style originated from what was worn by the nobilities during the festivities held at European courts. These elaborate costumes incorporated puffed and slashed sleeves, laced corsets, farthingales with skits, and other decorations. Nowadays, these dance costumes are being worn during historical dance performances.

Modern Dance Costumes

Modern dance is an amalgamation of different dance styles, including historical dances, social dances, folk dances, and athleticism. This free-flowing dance also uses free-flowing costumes. Women even let their hair loose when doing a modern dance. The costumes and makeup evolved and became unisex. Some theatre designers even experimented with seminude outfits like transparent shirts and black trunks for men and plain tights and simple women’s bodies.

Ballroom Dance Costumes

There are several variations for ballroom dance costumes. Some of them are:

Tango dance costumes are usually one-piece dresses with a high slit on the leg to allow dancers to move freely. These dresses are typically embedded with beads, glitter, rhinestones, and paillettes.

Swing and Latin dance costumes – These dresses are similar to the tango dance costumes but shorter and the slit higher. The dresses are usually animal print.

Cha-cha dress – This is a two-piece dress with a tight-fitting top and off-shoulder neckline. The skirt is flounced and complete at the bottom. Some rhinestones are usually attached to give it a glamorous effect.

Waltz and foxtrot dress – These dresses are usually made from lightweight satin or silk. It is more expensive compared to other dresses. It is an ankle-length dress that sharpens the movements of the dances.

Rumba and samba dress – These dresses have a Caribbean touch and flamboyant                         colours. 

Polka and mazurka dresses – These dresses are like traditional dresses. The top is usually like a peasant blouse. The bottom is typically a wraparound skirt. This costume is usually accessorised with garlands and frills.

Musical Dance Costumes

The dresses that are used in musicals will depend on their story. It can be made to look like           a pirates costume, animal costume, or even hip-hop if called for by the story. Musical dance costumes vary and are fun to wear.

The dance clothesare usually dependent on the dance. It can be colourful and frivolous or simple and stark. These clothes are not just beautiful to look at but are also comfortable.

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Author: Alison Lurie

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