5 Family-friendly road trips you can take from Jeddah

Road trips are always a great way to spend time as a family. Trips often include a lot of time spent in the car, and it can feel like an investment in the relationships you are putting to the test. Road trips are also a great way to get out of the city and into the beautiful scenery surrounding Jeddah. It is a great chance to get outdoors and for children to see the beautiful and diverse picture of the Kingdom. Go with the Saudi airlines flight and enjoy your time here. Many of these road trips are accessible for the whole family to enjoy and often have amenities for children.

1. Observing an Arabian Gazelle on the Farasan Islands :

The Farasan Islands, located off the coast of Jeddah, is a great place to visit. The islands are a protected national heritage and provide a fantastic opportunity to observe animals that are often hard to find in other parts of the country. On one of the most popular islands, a small gazelle can be viewed with binoculars. The island is close enough to Jeddah, making it easy to get there rather quickly. There are many places to explore on this particular island, including an old fort and a cultural village.

2. Taking a bath at the Al Lith Hot Springs :

The Al Lith Hot Springs is still a great way to spend the day with the family. There is plenty of space for children to run around and enjoy playing in the water. Adults are also welcome to enjoy the various features of the hot springs. There are private areas that can be used for families. The spring has been open for about twenty years and has become increasingly popular as time goes on. It is a great place to explore and go swimming, especially when it is too hot outside during the Jeddah summers. There are many restaurants around that you can visit if you need more than just something light at the springs.

3. Taif Fruit Market: Enjoying fresh fruits :

The Taif Fruit Market is a great place to visit, as you can pick fruit. The market is located in Taif, a few hours outside of Jeddah and the surrounding area. Wide varieties of fruits are sold here that would be pretty unfamiliar throughout the country. Most families come for fresh fruits, and some even travel a few hundred kilometres to sample all of the beautiful varieties from Taif, which are then taken home with them. The market is open every day except Friday and Saturday.

4. Mudhaylif’s Desert Camping :

Camping is a great way to get out and experience the desert and a fun activity for the family. The Mudhaylif Desert Camping allows families to have a place to stay designed especially for families. There are activities such as quad biking and camel riding around the area. There are several tents set up in which people can spend the night. It is a great way to enjoy being outdoors without worrying about any sand getting into your tent or car through an open door.

5. Exploring the Al Uqair Historical Ruins :

The ruins of the old fort at Al Uqair are a great way to spend a day with the family. The site takes up almost an entire city square and is still relatively well-preserved. Two temples can be found in the area, and some of the only ones still in existence were built in Saudi Arabia during this period. It is a great place to see how these ancient people used their land here and then turned it into something for their religion. It is also a great place to compare old life to modern society. Most people visit this area during the weekends, so it may be best to go during the week.

Road trips are always a great idea and can make the summer experience even more fun. Road trips are often not the most comfortable or convenient way to spend time in the car, and children often get restless from time to time. Saudi airlines flight schedules are a great way to avoid long drives and a safer option that keeps children adequately entertained. A good grasp of safety and etiquette is essential before setting out on any adventure if you plan to travel with children.

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