6 Of The Most Dangerous Types of Spiders?

You may be surprised at how many people feel a pulse of fear through their body when they see a spider. It doesn’t matter that humans are much larger than spiders, many people feel nervous around them. In fact, it’s estimated that 5% of Australians suffer from arachnophobia.

The good news is that while Australia has some of the most venomous types of spiders in the world, they generally stay away from humans. You’re unlikely to meet one unless you accidentally disturb them or actively go looking for them.

While this should be comforting, it doesn’t change the fact that they are strange-looking creatures. What should make you feel more confident is that the development of good anti-venoms means that no one has died in Australia from a spider bite since 1979.

That won’t stop you from looking for reputable exterminators to deal with a spider infestation. This is the safest option regardless of where you live and how you feel about spiders. It’s worth you taking the time to check them out today.

1. Sydney Funnel-Web

The Sydney Funnel-Web spider is the most venomous spider you’ll find in Australia. Its leg span averages between 1.5cm and 3.5 cm and generally live in the forest and urban areas in New South Wales.

This spider is small but its fangs are strong enough to pierce toenails! Its venom would be deadly but there is an effective anti-venom.

2. Redback Spider

This is perhaps one of the most famous Australian spiders and causes over 2,000 bites per year. This is because it likes dry and warm places, such as your cupboards, post boxes, and even under the toilet seat.

They have a bright red stripe on their back and the venom can cause severe pain for several hours. But, in many cases, the bite doesn’t break the skin as their fangs are not that powerful.

3. Trap Door Spider

These are so named because they make a burrow and then hide the door, encouraging unsuspecting bugs to fall into their lair, allowing them to eat them.

They are only 3cm long and the venom isn’t deadly, although it is painful. They only display aggressive tendencies around the burrow, making it best to avoid it if you see it.

4. Mouse Spider

The mouse spider has a red patch on the top of its head which makes them appear sinister. They live on river banks and in your yard in burrows similar to the trap door spider.

Although their venom is potent they are rarely aggressive and are usually only seen at night.

5. Australian Tarantulas

The Australian tarantula can grow to an impressive 16cm and have fangs approximately 1cm long. However, their venom is not fatal to humans and bites are rare. They are painful so t’s best to avoid them.

It’s worth noting an Australian tarantula makes a distinctive sound when rubbing its legs together, similar to a whistle or a dog barking.;

6. Recluse Spider

The Recluse spider has a nasty venom that will attack your blood cells, effectively preventing them from clotting. This can obviously be serious.

Fortunately, recluse spiders are reclusive and are unlikely to hang around where humans are, they are extremely unlikely to bite.

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