*708# Jazz Package Details Of Monthly Max Offer

Do you want to know about the Jazz Monthly Max offer benefits? Well, *708# Jazz Package details are all here for you. You can avail this offer for just RS. 1,300 (including tax) with a validity of 30 days. Lets know about the subscription details.

*708# Jazz Package

*708# Jazz Package Details

The *708# Jazz Package is popular as Jazz Monthly Max. This is a prepaid deal made for Jazz customers within budget. It’s like an all in one monthly solution that gives you a good amount of data, minutes, and SMS. So, if you want everything in one package for a month, this is a great choice.

Package Details

Data50 GB
Jazz Mins3000
Other Network Mins500
Subscription FeeRs.1390 (Incl. tax)
Subscription Code*708#
Unsubscribe Code7084#
*708# Jazz Package Details

*708# Package Key Benefits

  • Loads of Data: You get a 50 GB of data. So, you can surf the internet, watch videos, and download things without worrying about running out of data.
  • On net-Off net Minutes: You get 3000 minutes to talk to your Jazz friends and 500 minutes to talk to friends on other networks.
  • Text Away: You also get 3000 SMS, which means you can text for work or just to keep up with your friends.
  • No Extra Charges: You don’t have to pay any extra fees when you make a call.
  • Subscribe Again: If you want to, you can subscribe to this offer more than once.
*708# Jazz Package details

How To Subscribe *708# Package

Subscribing to the *708# Jazz Package is easy. Simply dial *708# from your Jazz prepaid SIM, and follow the guidelines to activate the package. For checking the remaining data, minutes, or SMS, dial 7082#.

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Unsubscribe and Status Check

To unsubscribe from the *708# Jazz Package, dial 7084#. To check the remaining resources (data, minutes, and SMS), dial 7082#. For bundle information, dial 7083#.

Terms and Conditions

  • The package need to manually subscribe each month.
  • All resources (minutes, SMS, data) are available 24/7, with no time limit.
  • The standard rate of Rs.2.25/MB applies after the use of the bundle data.
  • The prices can change any time, so check the latest details before subscribing.

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Summarizing *708# Jazz Package

The *708# Jazz Package Monthly Max Offer for just 1300 RS. This may include is loads of data, on net and off page minutes, and unlimited SMS. This is the perfect choice for those who want to subscribe for the entire month for once.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is accurate as of the time of writing. However, Jazz may change the terms, conditions, or details of the package at any time. Always confirm the latest information with Jazz before subscribing to any package.

Frequently Asked Questions *708# Jazz Package

How to subscribe to the Jazz Monthly Max offer?

To subscribe, dial *708#.

How to check the status of the Jazz Monthly Max offer?

To check the status, dial 7082#.

How to unsubscribe from the Jazz Monthly Max offer?

To unsubscribe, dial 7084#.

Can I use the Jazz Monthly Max package data for all types of internet usage?

Yes, the internet data included in the Jazz Monthly Max package can be used for any type of internet usage.

Are there any call setup charges for the Jazz Monthly Max package?

No, there are no call setup charges applicable for the Jazz Monthly Max package. 

What happens if I consume all the allocated resources before the package expires?

Standard charges according to your base tariff plan will apply for further usage.

Is the Jazz Monthly Max package automatically renewed every month?

No, the Jazz Monthly Max package is non-recursive, meaning it will not automatically renew every month.

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