8 Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you love to cook or need quick meals on the go, there are tons of different tricks and tools out there to help you. From air fryers to dehydrators, there’s a kitchen appliance for every lifestyle and budget. The real trick is finding the one that works for you.

In this article, we’ll review five different kitchen appliances and tools that can help every chef from the most experienced to the most amateur. Let’s dive in!

#1 Carbonated Drinks

The first appliance you’ll love is a sparkling water maker. You can use this appliance to carbonate water or even make your own version of homemade soda. It takes up very little space on your counter so you can leave it out to scratch that carbonation itch whenever it arrives. Plus, you can one step further and play with flavoring your sparkling water to make it even more fun!

#2 Steam Microwave Cleaner

There are a few different designs for this little gadget, but they all work the same way. You fill your steam cleaner with water and turn your microwave on. That’s it! The steam helps to clean up stubborn stuck-on stains and remove odors from your microwave so you can easily wipe it clean.

#3 Reusable Straws

You might think are just for the eco-conscious consumer, but reusable straws can also be great for families with small kids. Instead of buying never-ending supplies of plastic straws to go in sippy cups and kid cups, opt for a one-time purchase of reusable straws. They’re more durable, easy to clean and, yes, better for the environment too. 

#4 Whisk Cleaner

If you love to bake, then you’re probably also tired of squeezing your fingers into the metal of your whisk to get all that sticky filling off. With a whisk cleaner, you can easily clean your whisk and ensure you get every last drop of icing, batter or dough off. It’s easier and more sanitary so you don’t have to worry about food particles drying on your equipment.

#5 Spice Carousel

The modern spice carousel goes beyond just arranging your spices for you. Now it can also auto-measure amounts so you don’t have to worry about mixing up all your measuring spoons ever again. With an auto-measure carousel, you can easily select the spice you need, dispense as much as you need and keep on cooking without making more dishes.

#6 Container Cutting Board

This is the best way to chop and prepare multiple items for a delicious dinner. Container cutting boards include special compartments where you can easily slide your ingredients as you chop. This leaves you with maximum cutting board space and keeps you from having to use tons of bowls to hold all your ingredients. When you’re ready to cook, just dump the containers into your pot and you’re ready to go!

#7 Pizza Scissors

Every pizza lover deserves a pair of pizza scissors. If you love making pizza at home, then you probably take great pride in how your finished product looks. You don’t want to ruin it by running a knife through all your beautiful toppings. Instead, you can use pizza scissors to cut even slices without disturbing the cheesy top. 

#8 Crumb Sweeper

No one likes having tiny crumbs or coffee grinds on their counter, but you also don’t want them on your floor. Instead of trying to sweep all those little particles into your hand or the sink, buy yourself a crumb sweeper. They’re like a little countertop vacuum that you can use to ensure all those pesky crumbs and grinds never dirty your counters again.

#9 Hyper Chiller

Everyone hates waiting for things to cool. Or worse, not being able to enjoy something like iced coffee right away. A hyper chiller helps you quickly cool down liquids so you can enjoy things like cold coffee or chill soup and broth for storage as soon as you need to.

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