8 Wearable Promotional Items for 2023 (and Beyond)

When your business frequently runs promotional campaigns, it’s always important to plan ahead for future campaigns. As 2023 quickly approaches, beginning to lay out your schedule becomes that much more critical. Brainstorming about wearable promo items to give out is especially recommended. To help you out, here are eight wearable promotional items for 2023 (and beyond):

1. Hats

Few wearable promotional items are as easy to give away as a well-made hat. People become attached to hats, so if you’re able to make them fall in love, they’ll want to wear their hats out and about frequently. The more often they do, the more often your company’s brand will be exposed to the world. If they have a solid opinion of their company, they can become a de-facto spokesperson for your brand when people ask them “what’s your hat about?”

2. Tote Bags

Highly useful wearables are fantastic for companies who want to ensure their customer base can lead easy-going, convenient lives. Tote bags allow customers to keep all their valuables and belongings in a single location while on the go, after all. Give out tote bags with certain tiers of purchases, and you will come off as caring. Make your tote bag stylish, and you’ll come off as hip as well. This one-two punch can truly boost your brand, as long as you go about buying tote bags in bulk in a smart fashion.

3. Face Masks

Although the pandemic might be over, it’s still important that we all take public health much more seriously. With this in mind, wearing a face mask whenever you are ill, and have to go out in public, is key. Additionally, you might want to mask up when going into crowded public spaces. By giving out face masks (which can be bought for super cheap) with your brand on them, you’re creating a “walking billboard” effect that will get people to notice your brand more quickly. Just make sure you give the face masks out at appropriately-toned events.

4. T-Shirts

Finding a new favorite shirt to wear is always a dream. By giving out free t-shirts to your clients, you’re helping them to expand their wardrobe for free. When they go to look for that comfortable new out-and-about shirt, they may end up grabbing your branded shirt (as long as you design it to be attractive). Go for styles, fits, and colors that are currently hip, and the customers you give t-shirts out to will be much more likely to wear them frequently. Add a link to your company’s youtube channel on the shirt for even more promotional power.

5. Hoodies

Hoodies are perfect for the cold winter months ahead. That being said, a lot of people do not actually own a hoodie. While hoodies are a bit more expensive to buy than other promo gifts on this list, they are incredibly useful for showing clients that you’re a high-rolling business that cares about its customer base. Hoodies are also easy to buy in current fashions, as the core design philosophy around hoodies rarely, if ever, changes.

6. Sweatbands

Sweatbands are great for promotional items if you’re frequently dealing with health-conscious clients. Because sweat bands make workouts so much simpler (and cleaner), people are always psyched to get them for free. The more they have, the less often they have to throw them into the laundry, after all. Be sure to place your logo onto the sweatbands in an intelligent fashion, and you’ll be creating a walking, talking, fit billboard to help you boost your brand in the coming year.

7. Flip-Flops

While it may be a while before flip-flop weather returns, planning for future campaigns is never a bad idea. If you live in a tropical area, giving out free, branded flip-flops are always a stellar idea. This will work if you’re giving out gifts to customers who frequently vacation or go to the beach as well.

8. Sunglasses

Lastly, sunglasses are a surefire way to ensure your customers are wearing your merch in style. Because the classic styles of sunglasses never change, it’s also easy to buy sunglasses in bulk to give out, as you can be nearly guaranteed that customers will be demanding them again and again.

Run Promo Campaigns in Style

By focusing on wearables, you can run successful promo campaigns in style. There are tons of wearable items to give out, so finding the one that’s right for you becomes the most difficult step in most cases. Just make sure to carefully consider which type of wearable your client base will appreciate the most, and you’ll have a huge hit on your hands.

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