With the pandemic still imposing several restrictions on our lifestyle and comfort, ensuring personal safety and hygiene is one of the most crucial steps to avoid the effects of COVID-19. On average, there are about 1,849 new COVID cases every day in Australia. This is still a huge number that can be a potential threat to other people.

While vaccination is a must for all, other preventive measures like wearing a P2 mask and frequent sanitisation are necessary to remain protected against the SARS-CoV virus. Each of the essential items required for fortified immunity against COVID has several types in the market. One can be easily confused about which choice to opt for, so one must be aware of the different products’ pros and cons.

The Essentials

Since COVID-19 is still a widespread pandemic with lockdowns and quarantines still in place, doctors suggest certain items and equipment necessary for fighting against the COVID virus by playing online at 토토사이트:

  • Masks
  • Sanitisers
  • Supplements and Healthy Diet
  • Vaccination

Since each is equally important, it is necessary to look into them individually and identify the safest choices offered.


There are two significant masks in the market. All these masks have their makes, quality and filter variations. 

  • Cloth Masks: These masks are the most basic type of masks made out of cloth. The cloth can be anything available at home. Usually, cloth masks are stitched out of fragile material, giving a low filtration effect. These are suggested against everyday pollution and travel, but not against viruses. However, cloth masks can be disinfected multiple times and can be washed with soap.
  • P2 Masks: this mask is the standard mask suggested by Australian doctors. These are the most commonly manufactured masks, with significant production in Melbourne. They follow the Australian safety standards, have 95% filter performance and are easily disposable. They should be stored in zip-lock bags and can be reused twice or thrice. The respirator of P2 masks must not come in contact with the hands or any external surface to avoid disinfection.


The doctor primarily recommends alcohol-based sanitisers for maximum safety. It is suggested that one carries a sanitiser whenever there is a chance of contact with pathogens like the COVID virus or any unstable surface that can increase the incidence of a disease. These sanitisers can be applied in optimal amounts whenever required. However, one must be careful with this part, as they can cause skin allergies or dryness. This is why doctors suggest hand wash over sanitisers whenever one is in a comfortable environment, like one’s home.

Supplements and Healthy Diets

Immunity is the most vital component of one’s health. Especially during times of virus attacks, it becomes all the more difficult to protect our immunity. A balanced diet consisting of lentils, carbohydrates and good fats, essential to keep our body’s metabolism running smoothly. A healthy diet does a lot more in safeguarding health than any other measure can do. Apart from this, doctors suggest consuming vitamin supplements. These orally ingestible tablets add significantly to our existing immunity store, fortifying it against dangerous pathogens.


There are so many vaccines that are offered worldwide. Each of these has its pros and cons. Furthermore, each vaccine has its chemical composition, so it is advised that one gets administered with the vaccine suggested by the government. Or government officials can use vaccine management software for better check and balance.

Author: Alison Lurie

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