Affordable Upgrades for Your Resto-Mod

When restoring a classic car, you may want to modify the vehicle so that it performs well in the modern world. Essentially, you’re bringing a classic car into today with newer parts so that the beauty lives on. But what affordable upgrades are available for resto-mod projects? Here is a list of some examples to get you started! 


Not only should you change your exhaust for a new one, but we recommend upgrading it to 304 stainless steel tubingor a similar material. Why? Because stainless steel exhausts offer a wealth of benefits that you just don’t get with more traditional materials. With typical exhausts, there’s often an issue with overheating, and this can lead to exhaust problems. If you’ve ever required an exhaust repair, this is likely to have been the cause. With stainless steel, the exhaust is less susceptible to this type of issue. Therefore, both performance and longevity improve with this durable material. What’s more, stainless steel is less likely to corrode or rust (especially when scarred or scratched). If you want to upgrade your resto-mod, this is one of the best things that you can do. 


For most people, it’s only when they stop and think that they realize that the tires are the only point of contact between the car and the road. If the tires are old and worn, this will always affect the experience of driving the vehicle. With a new set of boots, your resto-mod will feel like a new car. 


When modifying an old vehicle, it’s wise to upgrade the ignition because the old point styles are inconsistent and likely to damage the vehicle. With new spark plugs, HT leads, and an electronic distributor, you will make the whole ignition more reliable and reduce the risk of damage in the coming weeks and months. What’s more, you will also recover horsepower that you previously thought was lost.

Power Steering 

While ignition improvements are highly recommended, the addition of power steering depends on your vehicle. The heavier your vehicle, the more it will benefit from power steering. Especially with old muscle cars, you may struggle with cornering. If this is the case, introducing power steering can make the driving experience more pleasant. Suddenly, you enjoy driving the vehicle rather than feeling as though you’re at the gym just to get around a corner. 


With resto-mods, the paintwork is also sometimes an issue. Especially when a car hasn’t been maintained too well, you might benefit from a light touch-up or a full respray. Once again, this is up to you (those without experience will benefit from professional assistance and advice). Wherever possible, stick to the original color. If not, choose another color available in the year the model was made by the manufacturer. 


For the most part, resto-mods are about bringing the vehicle into the modern world and making them appropriate for the modern demands of vehicles. You’ve seen adjustments such as ignition and power steering – these are improvements that may have entered the market after your vehicle was made. Another addition that you might consider is a modern cooling system – this will boost the reliability of the vehicle and prevent problems in traffic. What’s more, you might also consider disguised technology (Bluetooth and USB sockets, for example), seatbelts, lighting, and other additions. Ultimately, the changes you make depend on whether you want to make the vehicle road-worthy and how much of a purist you are when it comes to classic cars. However, you now have a starting point for affordable upgrades

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