Swimming is a popular activity that is enjoyed by people from around the world. It is not only popular, but it is also about all the exercise/workout, something which engages just about all of your body’s muscles. It helps with the development of our endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength. Swimming dramatically helps maintain and upkeep one’s total body weight and the maintenance of normal lungs and a strong mind. Swimming may not have been a well-known activity, but studies have already shown that it improves one’s social well-being because it is one of the few sports where everyone can participate, from children to retired adults. They have lower anxiety and depression levels because they engage in physical activity and participate in social activities together. And for this, many people have a pool with frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney. Pools can be a luxury add on to your house, but keeping it safe and clean will become a big hassle. For keeping up the Australian standards, it is better to have frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney surrounding your pool.


You know that the law has asked you to keep fencing around your pool, right? It is essential. And this article is here to tell you why glass pool fencing without any frame is very apt for this job.

  • Safety for children

Firstly, reports have shown that children from ages 1-3 have drowned in Australia because of the pools without fencing (now you know why it is the law here, huh?). It provides safety for your dogs or any other pets and children. Since glass is sleek, it makes it difficult for children to climb, and as it is transparent, you can keep a better eye on your child.

  • No chemical reaction

Wooden fences get spoilt when coming in direct contact with chlorine and water; glass doesn’t seem to. As glass is not reactive to them, it will not get affected by water. Adding a glass fence can significantly raise the value of your property and would somehow save you the trouble of maintaining or changing the fences every two to three years.

  •  Glass is a hygienic material

Glass is a solid and smooth material. It helps to reduce the probability of rough corners and cracks in which spiders and wasps could construct their nests. On the contrary, wooden fences, for example, are best suited for wasps, who strengthen their nests out of cellulose fibres. Also, because glass is non-porous, it would be less likely to carry dirt and pathogens than other, more porous materials.


  • ┬áChannel pool fixed fence comprises one of these various types of systems on the Gold Coast. Rather than having the glass held up by spigots, it requires constructing a gully for it to settle into. This method is ideal for certain clients who may not enjoy the appearance of fixtures protruding from the ground. The invisible variant is a popular choice since it makes the glass seem to emerge from the ground without utilising any physical resources or fasteners.
  • Top fixed pool fencing along with spigots: It is glass with spigots. The fixture’s essential function is to clamp and suspend a balustrade panel or toughened glass pool panel without using other frames or posts, or frames that could also impede your view.
  • Side fixed pool fencing with standoffs: Again, this includes nothing more than hard glass, which will be used as the fence attached to standoffs. They are like small, thick, metal pin-like structures. I hope this helps you decide which fence you want for your pool to make it feel more safe and homely.

Author: Alison Alurie

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