Banks Power IQ Computer – Smarts + Muscle

In this day and age of computers, every aspect of our lives is linked with or controlled by computers. In your diesel or gas-powered SUV and truck, many computers monitor the engine, tranny, and braking performance. It makes sense in your quest to extract every bit of extra performance feasible to consider upgrading the computer in your truck. Modern-day tuning can be performed at the spot. Using Banks the latest technology, iQ, enhancing the potential of your truck’s performance is as easy as touching the digital display on your dashboard.

Banks’ iQ is an authentic PC capability and downloadable software that you can use in and out of your vehicle. This powerful microcomputer will let you get inside the workings of the ECU in your vehicle’s which allows you to view what’s going on beyond your gauges on your dashboard. You choose what you wish to see and the way you’d like to see it. The IQ lets you set alarms, change the gauge’s colors, clear and read codes, record data, and discover how fast your car can go from 0-60 miles per hour. You’ll use the multitude of helpful features built into the system in your daily life as you listen to your favorite tunes or watch movies, enjoy games, and look over the contents of your Microsoft Office documents. Its powerhouse PC can fit inside your hand. With a rechargeable battery can take it along wherever you travel.

For the total benefit to the full potential of Banks Power, we added our Bands Six-Gun tuner. This Banks Six-Gun tuner added 140 horsepower and 230 pounds of torque for our 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500HD powered by its 6.6L Duramax turbo-diesel. The power boost can be increased on the fly without adding diesel’s typical black smoke. Banks Six-Gun provides six different levels of flexibility when towing, and higher levels are ideal for transporting mail. The system adjusts pulse width, timing, and fuel pressure and protects the clutch lockup of the torque converter. Keep an eye out for future Banks enhancements, including their intake, speed brake, and exhaust systems.

The Banks iQ dashboard PC has various engine data display options such as speed, boost and RPM’s, engine temperature and oil pressure, EGT’s, and fuel pressure. It is possible to read and erase engine codes and set engine condition alarms and clock 1/4-mile, 1/8 mile times, and 0-60 mph speeds. The IQ can also be used to play music, scroll through photos, play video games, plug micro-SD memory cards, USB thumb drives, and many more. The IQ in this picture can be a Banks Six-Gun tuner that can add tons of torque and power to our Chevy.


The installation was smooth with no issues. The most challenging part of the project consisted of removing the passenger-side exhaust manifold, then drilling a 7/16-inch drilled hole, then tapping it with an NPT tap of 1/4 inch (to connect the EGT coupler), and then installing the manifold for exhaust. Once the IQ and the Six-Gun were in place, it was clear that they could make the Chevy Duramax a beast. The power was instantly available, and the additional torque put you right back in the seat. The driving experience was enhanced with faster throttle response. Whenever you needed more power (up to 140 RWHP, based on the tests on the dyno), We used the touchscreen to adjust it and held it in place as the IQ performed its magic. For more information about fashion, click to fubar news that would be the right place for you.

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