Brand New Life: How To Remodel Your Old House

The desire for a change of home could be due to many reasons. Boredom is usually the main reason, with many people already too used to their former abode and not finding it exciting anymore. However, instead of building another home elsewhere, why not have your old house refurbished? Yes, it may look like the same environment but if you do a proper remodeling, it would come out looking totally different. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

Fix the walls

This may not sound like it would be an evident change when remodeling your house but when you are refurbishing your old home, you need to strengthen any weak places. There are houses that may have so many nail holes because of the need to bore them at different times, either to hang a picture frame or any other thing that people like to hang against their walls. Whatever the case may be, make sure your wall is strengthened and the surface smoothed out. This is especially good if you are planning on using wallpaper or plan to repaint.

Replace electrical fittings, equipment, and furniture

It is possible that some of your electrical fittings have been painted over or are various shapes and sizes from updates over several years. You can replace them with something more beautiful and latest in design. Make all your light switches and plates cohesive. Replacing the lighting of the house will also bring considerable change to the old look. You can hire a licensed electrician from to help you out.

You should also consider replacing your HVAC equipment like your heating and cooling split systems with new ones. Changing your furniture is also very important. Old furniture doesn’t only look bad but it can also be dangerous as it is more likely to break, hold dust and contain pests. Get unwanted furniture removal Sydney to help dispose of the old furniture so you can replace it with new, comfortable and stylish furniture. On this note consider replacing the fixtures in the house, like doors and windows. Once everything everywhere is looking new, your home will present a different ambiance to you.

Do some repainting

If you left your house and had no idea that it was going to be repainted by your parents or your partner, you may find it difficult to recognize it if you come back to see it repainted. Painting changes the look of your house in an instant and with the right choices of colors, you would be loving the same place that was boring, for many years. A good piece of advice here is to use different colors to what was used before and let there be more brightness and mix of colors to blend with the other features in the house.

Work on your kitchen

Apart from repainting, you need to change the kitchen furniture and install a bar console cabinet to serve as a holder for your wines. This would mean that your kitchen now serves another purpose other than just a cooking house. A bar console there would mean that you can host a few friends in your kitchen to have drinks and talk or play some board games. This depends on the space available to you though. Consider changing all cooking utensils, plates, cups, and pieces of cutlery. Overlay the workplace slab with some new covering. You could even change it to a concrete slab and work on upgrading your kitchen floor also with vinyl, ceramic tile, or laminate.

Add plants to the scenery 

It’s not just the rooms in your house that deserve some green; it’s time to bring life back into your kitchen! A south-facing window is best for plants that like bright light, but east and west facing windows work too. Even if you don’t have a sunny glass or an open layout – many herbs can still tolerate low levels of illumination from artificial sources such as fluorescents (just make sure they’re well lit). With no natural sunlight, kitchen herbs are often forced to grow under low-light conditions. To boost their yield and make up some lost light sources try adding a LED grow light near your potted plant.

Remodel your bathroom

If you want considerable changes to be seen in your house, your bathrooms should never be left out. A good bathroom remodeling will set you back about $15,000 but when you look at the end product, you would be excited. You start by removing or demolishing bathroom fixtures, install your new shower or tub basin, install new fixtures and features, lay down new floor tiles, hang new drywall and paint, install new vanity and cabinets, and finish hooking up the plumbing. It is a tedious job and you may want to consider calling in a professional if you can’t handle it yourself.

Final word

Most times, people buy new homes because they want something different, beautiful, and comfortable. It is a lot of money to buy one but a lot cheaper when you are remodeling your home to suit your new needs. So many people are going for the latter these days and the tips above are the most common areas looked into when doing a home remodeling. You can adopt them and you will be astonished at how your old house looks when you are finished with it.

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