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Captcha entry jobs are one of the best part-time jobs that you can start in the next 10 minutes. This is a free method and you can earn 400-500$ per month by working 2-3 hours. I found the top 10 High paying captcha entry job sites for Captcha Work and earn money online without investment. This Captcha entry work can help you to earn an extra income. You can get surprisingly good results by sharing information about these sources of income on TikTok. For guaranteed results buy tiktok likes.

Are you looking for captcha entry jobs that can help you to make money online? Honestly, this captcha entry work is not worth your time. There are tons of passive income ideas that you can use to build a profitable online business or start living a boss free life. I’m actively making a good amount of money from online not doing shit Captcha Work. I started my journey with PTC sites and Captcha entry work but as time passed I learned new things like affiliate marketing, Blogging, Crypto Trading, and many others. Now, living a Digital Lifestyle.

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Although, this is a type of Data entry work from home that you can do in spare time because this is one of the simplest online jobs. Only you need to sign up the Captcha Entry Jobs sites before getting started to captcha work. Just log in and fill the correct captchas type in the image they provide.

If you are looking for the highest paying captcha entry job sites and want to know what captcha code is and how to earn money online from Captcha filling jobs then read this article. I’m going to explain everything here.

What are captcha entry jobs?

Captchas are usually images containing distorted text that should be entered or a set of different images where you should select only those fitting some condition. All this needs to be to confirm that you’re not a robot.

Best 10 captcha Entry jobs sites:

We are going to tell you the sites that are high paying captcha entry jobs for college students. Typing speed plays a key role in Captcha jobs because if you have more typing speed( 30+WPM) then you can earn more.

These are the list of top 10 High paying captcha entry jobs sites:


This is one of the most legit Captcha job sites which pay up to 2$ for 1000 solved captchas. It’s a home-based data entry work which you can do anytime from anywhere. Captcha jobs are very easy to start and get instant payment. If you want to know more about 2Captcha details:

You should have PayPal or Payza to receive payment:

There is no registration charge, It’s free

  1. Mega Typers:

MegaTypers is a platform that provides data entry services to private and government institutions. MegaTypers is a workforce management company with a good track record support team and pays on time. There are various methods to receive payment through like, Paypal, Payza, Webmoney, Western Union, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin. People from anywhere can join it for free.

Paypal method is highly recommended.

High paying Captcha entry jobs sites for college students:

Apart from High paying Captcha entry jobs, there are other ways that you can use to make money online. Like PTC sites,  Surveys jobs, Data entry jobs, Article writing, Make money from blogging and many other ways.

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  1. KolotiBablo:

Kolotibablo has started in 2007 since then they provide work to freelance people such as Students, Part-time job seekers, Moms, etc. This pays up to 0.35-1$ for 1000 captcha solving image/text correctly. Some of the members are earning 100-200$ per month. All we can say, this has been trusted and paid for since a long time through Webmoney or Payza.

You can register on Kolotibablo and login to get started.

  1. Pro Typers:

Pro Typers have almost the same features as Mega Typers. You can earn 0.50-1$ for solving 1000 captcha images. You can earn 200$ very easily from it.

You can Join ProTypers for free and they accept Worldwide members.

  1. CaptchaTypers:

Captcha Typers are the unique features for solving captchas and for that, you have to install the software. It’s totally free so, if someone asks you to pay the fee, you can send an email at [email protected] for login details.

You will get paid 0.8 to 1.5$ for 1000 captcha solved. The rate of captcha varies on time. If you solve captcha from 9 AM to 9 PM then the rate will be 0.80$. The captcha rate will be 1$ from 9 PM to 9 AM.

Download the latest CaptchaTypers software from this link and get paid 1.5$ for 1000 captcha images solved. This is the best Captcha entry job site.

  1. Captcha2Cash:

Captcha2cash gives you 1$ for 1000 captcha images. This pays very low in comparison to others that I’ve mentioned above the captcha entry jobs. You can join Captcha2cash from this link and withdraw your payment when you have 1$ and get paid through Paypal.

     7. QlinkGroup:

The best things I like most about Qlinkgroup, they offer free captcha work for people who are interested in making an extra income from home. If anyone fools you and asks for a payment, don’t do it. It’s free to join so, and download the QlinkGroup software from this link. You can check each detail inside through this software and can start Captcha entry jobs right now from downloading QlinkGroup Software. Get started now!

8. VirtualBee:

This is one of the oldest companies that started captcha entry jobs in 2001. There are other different types of data entry jobs that belong to Captcha Work. You get evaluated once you sign up based on scores ranging from 0 to 100 then work will be provided on the basis of the score you secured in the Test.

  1. Fast Typers:

This captcha entry website has been running since 2003 that is powered by SmarterTrack 10.6 which provides email services, live chat, etc. Join FastTypers using this link and after verification, you can start working on it.

  1. PixProfit:

This is best among the top 10 high paying captcha entry job sites. At present Registration is closed on this captcha entry site. If you are serious about making money online then choose the best sites for captcha work from the list I’ve shared which you like most. On the other hand, There are the other best online jobs which you can also do part-time and earn a handsome income while sitting at home from smartphones.

I hope you can earn 1000$ if you follow tips here and be self-employed. For more please subscribe to our newsletter for money-making and blogging tips. Keep visiting and so you can check the latest updates. 

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