Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Why Clean Your Melbourne Carpets?

While you might not see it, your upholstery and carpet hold lots of dirt, grime, and other debris. Just think about how many shoes and feet have walked across your carpet since it was last cleaned. If you’re like most homeowners, this is probably many years. This year, why not freshen your home with carpet cleaning in Melbourne…it will make a difference! 

Benefits of a Clean Carpet  

Although you might not want to hear this, some research suggests that our toilet bowls are cleaner than our carpets. In fact, our toilet bowls are 4,000 times cleaner than our carpets. If this doesn’t cause you to start searching for carpet cleaning solutions immediately, we don’t know what will. Generally, everything in our home eventually settles on the carpet. In some cases, this can include campylobacter, MERSA, norovirus, and other dangerous germs. Not only this, but it’s also packed with allergens like pet dander, pollen, and mold. If you have somebody in the house with allergies, this is likely to cause lots of problems. No allergy medication or product will ever be effective if you’re allowing your carpet to hold these allergens in huge quantities. Another shocking statistic is that every square inch of carpet can hold around 200,000 bacteria. Not so long ago, the National Institute of Health in the United States advised all relevant bodies to carefully consider the use of carpets in offices and schools. If you don’t keep your carpets clean, they will cause problems for the inhabitants. Above all else, you can reverse the problems discussed in the previous section. In other words, you can reduce the number of germs and allergens on your carpet. Regular cleaning should keep all inhabitants healthier while also preventing allergy concerns. Simultaneously, you also remove stains and improve the appearance of your carpet. Since you live inside the property, you probably don’t notice how the color of your carpet changes. However, you won’t believe how your carpet comes to life with cleaning. Next, experts also recommend carpet cleaning because it protects your investment. Without cleaning, you’re likely to need a new carpet much sooner compared to a carpet that has been looked after. With constant traffic, your carpet takes quite the battering over the weeks and months. If you don’t remove dirt, grime, and dust, it will eat away at your carpet and reduce its life. Therefore, the small investment you make into cleaning will pay off in the long term. At this point, you already have a healthier living environment, and you’re extending the life of your investment. In case you need another reason, carpets also harbor smells. If you have a pet, this is exacerbated somewhat. Over the years, carpets hold the smells of all spillages and accidents. Suddenly, there’s a musty concoction of coffee, lemonade, wine, pet urine, and other liquids. While you may have grown accustomed to this smell, your guests may not. Finally, another compelling reason to clean your carpet (and all these benefits also go for your upholstery!) is to validate the warranty. After buying a new carpet, the company might ask you to get it professionally cleaned to keep the warranty valid. If you don’t get them cleaned, your warranty will be invalid, and you won’t get help if something goes wrong. Carpets are dirty…really dirty. As well as regular vacuuming, consider professional cleaning to keep your home healthy, protect your investment, remove musty smells, and keep your warranty valid. Why not get started now? 

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