Chlorine Dioxide Tablets for Humans: How beneficial are they?


Chlorine dioxide tablets have become popular for human use in the past few years. Most concerns about them being safe are now satisfied. As suggested by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, you can add them to your drinking water.

 If the water which you drink regularly is not purified, these tablets will work as a convenient purifier. There are no side effects of these tablets on the human body. The Chlorine Dioxide tablets for humans are eco-friendly and non-toxic. 

Moreover, these tablets are great for swimmers. They work as a perfect disinfectant by causing zero reactions on the swimmers’ bodies. There are no itchy effects or traditional smells caused by them. They are not harmful if used appropriately. 

Applications of Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Following are some uses of Chlorine Dioxide tablets: 

  1. Purifying drinking water. 
  2. They work as a sanitizer for different food processing machines. 
  3. They have no harmful effect on the environment, so it is used for the food processing of plants. 
  4. They are used to disinfect the pasteurization equipment of food and plants. 
  5. They work well as a sanitizer, and it is proven that the bacteria show lesser resistance against chlorine dioxide as compared to other sanitizers. 
  6. Chlorine Dioxide, when added to mouthwash, improves bad breath. 
  7. It is proven to remove odours,  chlorine dioxide, as gas is an odour elimination. 

The Harmful Aspects of Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

If these tablets are used without considering precautionary measures, they can be harmful. Chlorine Dioxide is similar to chlorine in its toxicity. 

It can be fatal if used more than the recommended amount. Before dealing with chlorine dioxide, you must be ready with your protective gear. Always wear gloves and other mandatory masks etc., before you work with it. 

The tablets can damage your eyes. It can also damage your respiratory system if inhaled. It can irritate your lungs and shorten your breath. Any kind of overuse of chlorine dioxide can cause a medical emergency. It can also cause skin irritations or burns. If you’ve inhaled more than 0.3mg/m3 of it, move to fresh air. 

These tablets should not be used if you don’t know their use. They can be fatal if used carelessly. 

Steps to follow before using Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

  1. First, make sure that you have the correct amount of salts on the product you want to bleach. You can use the desalination process or use running water for it. You do not need to do this step for salted food. 
  2. To prepare the solution, mix 1000 grams of chlorine dioxide powder in 25kg of water. Then, move it to a covered plastic container and store it in a cool place. The usability duration of this solution is one year. 
  3. To make the bleaching solution, use measured quantities of the concentrated solution and the activator, according to the table’s requirements. Citric acid will provide the activator. Mix the solution and the activator for 10 to 20 minutes. Add water to dilute the mixture according to the table. 
  4. Finally, bleach the food by adding the required amount of food into the solution. Wait until you get the desired result. For best results, the temperature of the solution should be kept between 40-50°C. This is the ideal temperature for a good pace. 

The chlorine dioxide tablets have multiple uses. They can be beneficial in industries, pools, or everyday water intake. 

But, you should use them with much care. Before using, however, you must know their proper use and protect himself. They can be very dangerous otherwise. 

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