Compress Photo Sizes to Make Them Shareable for Any Social Platform

Trying to send photos over email or upload them on social networking platforms but failing to do anything? This usually happens with most people because the images taken by advanced mobile phones and professional cameras typically exceed the 25MB limit. So, sharing the photos with the best quality and heavy size becomes difficult over multiple platforms. That’s how the pictures you have captured to share on social media are useless if you can’t upload them there.

If you want to eliminate this issue and make your high-definition pictures shareable, try to reduce the image file size using a reliable online image compressor. It will help you share your wonderful moments with your mates and offer some other benefits as well.

This article will briefly discuss the benefits of compressing images and tips for selecting the best photo compressor. 

Let’s start with the benefits!

Benefits of Compressing Images

Below mentioned are the benefits of compressing images. 

Reduce The Burden from Your Systems

Image compressors are developed for users who are always on the go. These tools reduce the size of images, lowering the burden on devices by creating a lot of free space. In addition, they eliminate unnecessary data from the photos and make them smaller than ever. The lesser data you have on your devices, the more it will perform. This results in optimizing the speed of the devices, and users can open the images in the least time possible.

Share Your Memories

Suppose you want to share the beautiful memories of your life like a wedding, a recreational tour, or any other occasion on social media. In that case, you need to compress their heavy-sized images as multiple social networking platforms don’t allow their users to share pictures exceeding a specific limit. That restricts users from sharing their wonderful moments. However, with the advent of an image compressor, you don’t have to worry about it as you are allowed to compress them to a shareable size.

Make File Sharing and Uploading Easier

Besides providing other benefits, the online picture compressing tools also help people share and upload their files within a few moments of pressing the upload button. If they have a stable internet connection, they can easily upload the images on multiple platforms within a few moments. It also encourages them to upload and share maximum pictures over numerous digital media channels. 

Increase Your Social Media Page Loading Speed

Whether you are an influencer, marketer, or an ordinary social media user, the images you upload on your social media channels must be HD to get the desired results. As mentioned above, the HD pictures’ size usually surpasses the uploading limit, which is a major concern for many users. In addition, those pictures take a lot of time to open up on the visitor’s screens, which annoys them and forces them to press the back button. The loading speed of social media pages and the data uploaded on them is a significant factor that plays a vital role in attracting new followers and enhancing their reach. 

That is where the image compressors come in handy. They allow you to share pictures and leave a great impression on your page visitors. 

Tips to Select the Right Tools for Image Compression

If you want to compress image size you need to choose an image compressor that can perform your task effectively.

Read the Reviews

The internet is full of image compressors developed by different companies. However, not every tool is reliable enough to use for compressing your images. That is why it is always suggested to use only those tools that contain better reviews by the users. Reading the reviews guide you about whether you should try a specific tool or not. If the consumers of a particular tool only have good words to say about it, you can use it without any concern. On the other hand, the tools with more bad reviews should not be tried..

Choose the Tools that Don’t Affect Picture Quality

This should be the primary concern whenever you select an image compressor. The only reason to capture or create HD images is to share them with others in the best quality possible. Therefore, you should not compromise on this aspect. Before uploading your picture on your social media pages, compress photo with an image compressor that doesn’t disturb the image quality or pixels.

Use the Tools that Don’t Save the Personal Data

Most picture compressors don’t save people’s personal data in their databases because they offer their services to earn their money, not to exploit their users. However, a few hackers and spammers have made some tools just to abuse people. That’s why you should not trust every photo compressor and always choose the image compressor developed by a well-reputed company


Image compression is sometimes essential for people, especially when they want them to share on social media, as many platforms don’t allow uploading pictures beyond a specific limit. However, you should only choose the image compressor that is reliable and doesn’t hurt the image quality.

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