Did you know you can swap out these products for chemical-free ones?

Zero waste living or Eco swap is doing all the buzz around as it is a one-stop solution to live in harmony with mother Earth. The reality hit hard among individuals when they realized how all the plastic used in the kitchen is disposed of that affects the environment due to methane release. Therefore, numerous such items can be easily substituted, recycled, and repurposed ranging from dishwash, cleaning supplies, cutlery, etc. Such zero-waste products are made from organic and non-toxic material, have no side effects, and can be renewed or recycled. Thus, let’s dig into some of the easy swaps that one should immediately do to contribute towards sustainable living.

  1. Herbal shampoo and conditioner bar:

Conventional shampoo and conditioner contain harmful chemicals and their packaging is hard plastic which when manufactured or decomposed affects the environment poorly. Contrary, herbal shampoo and conditioner bars are made with natural products like plant extract, aloe Vera, etc. and their packaging is also compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable keeping sustainable living in mind. Thus, switching to such products is a small-scale step towards saving the environment along with keeping yourself away from harsh chemical products. And if you have a beard, you can even take it one step further by choosing an eco friendly moisturising oil for your beard.

  1. Use sustainable cleaning products:

While many think that chemical products are a great option for keeping the kitchen clean, they are harmful to the health and skin due to harsh chemicals. Their eco-friendly alternatives are equally superior for a variety of reasons. For example, switching to herbal dishwashing liquid will keep the utensils clean and shining while increasing their life span as it is made from plant extracts and plant-derived cleaning agents with a mix of aromatic oil extracts. They are gentle on the skin and have zero side effects. One can also use lemon, vinegar, and baking soda-like products from the kitchen to have a cleaner surrounding away from chemicals.

  1. Eco-friendly detergents:

When we talk about eco-swap, one of the important swaps you can do is detergent. Since the chemical-based detergent contains heavy toxic substances that harm the skin and health, it’s hard-plastic packaging is responsible for water pollution, loss of aquatic life, and eutrophication. Conversely, after using eco-friendly detergents, it is fully biodegradable and since its non-toxic, their water can be used to water plants. 

  1. Herbal soap bars:

Avoid any skin allergies and infections that may arise by using chemical-based soaps. Eco-friendly soaps are one of the best for your skin as it contains natural ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil, Aloe Vera, plant extracts, etc. Also, they use little or no plastic packaging like biodegradable materials like paper, and cardboard. Thus, switch to such soaps, body wash and face wash, and see the difference you make to your skin, health, and environment.

  1. Herbal Fragrance/ essential oils:

Without using fragrance, it is like a dull day. As much as the usage of fragrance is important, using the right product is equally essential to avoid harsh chemicals affecting one’s health, and contaminating the air. Thus, switching to essential oils and herbal fragrance is one of the imperative swaps you must do to get rid of body odor in a healthy way. It uses ingredients like rosemary, basil, lavender, and more that brings the fresh aromatic with other elements to give you an airy feel.

  1. Organic Toothpaste:

While toothpaste is a product we use daily once or twice a day, the chemical-based toothpaste available in the market is something that just foams up to clean the teeth. However, they are not adequate for us due to the numerous chemicals in them. Switching to organic toothpaste should be the immediate step as it is made from herbs, flowers, roots, bark, and other ingredients with no artificial or chemical products giving top-quality dental care to you and your family.

  1. Herbal Baby Wipes:

While you have heard ‘always the best for the little one’, it holds when we are surrounded by all the products having harsh chemicals and side-effects on the skin and health. However, it is extremely vital to protect little kids from everything unpleasant in the world. Hence, swapping to herbal baby wipes is imperative as it’s 100% biodegradable and skin-friendly so you don’t need to worry if the baby puts their hand in his mouth. Such wipes are soft to their delicate skin, and chemical-free with no side effects so you as parent can have a peace of mind.

Hence, it is quite simple to transform into zero-waste living without any setbacks. These little step changes will create a vast difference and motivate others towards sustainable living.

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