Divorce Process Stages

Marriage separation is not an easy decision. It is a significant choice that will have long-term effects, mainly if there are children and the marriage lasts long.

Divorce is a significant life change, especially if you have not been solo for a long time. It is possible that you have never lived alone. Contact a Columbus divorce attorney for more help.

There are several emotional stages when going through a divorce. Following a divorce, you could go through the following stages.

  1. Shock

Even if you and your partner have recently talked a lot about splitting up, it might not feel genuine until you vacate the marital residence or meet with a lawyer. The person who departs might be exhaling heavily with relief. The reality of divorce shocks the individual who is left behind.

  • A Three-Week Haze

After the first shock wears off, the subsequent phase essentially blurs together. The person who departed may have noticed that things are moving swiftly. They might be relocating, remodeling, meeting new acquaintances, and other exciting things. They are settling into a new life and seizing possibilities.

On the other hand, the abandoned individual might be having trouble adjusting. Their daily lives start to blur as they are still a little surprised.

  • After Three Months

After three months, there might still be some unresolved anger and shock, but everyone functions well. The individual who was abandoned has more control over their life, although they might suddenly be concerned about legal issues. With more free time, people are more likely to focus on their jobs or pursue romantic relationships.

  • From Six to a Year Later

To some extent, things might be better. It might be worse in some situations. It may be more difficult at this moment due to increased legal action. Possibly, friends are picking sides in the divorce.

  • A Year After

Around the first anniversary, things usually start to improve. It could be time to end the divorce. If not, the kids might be trying to patch things up. Everyone is adjusting nicely overall. Ideally, you and your ex can co-parent successfully. However, there might occasionally be conflicts between the parents and the kids. Some people are still having trouble at this point.

  • After Two Years

Things ought to be improving two years after the divorce. You should experience this as the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Moving on, finding new acquaintances, and beginning new love relationships should be both sides’ goals. Many folks wish they had ended their marriage sooner but are relieved and loving their new lives.

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