Dos and Don’ts Businesses Should Observe While Opting for Virtual Offices 

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A virtual office Houstonis an online workspace that provides companies with all the benefits of brick-and-mortar offices without any downsides. These offices are typically less expensive than their real-world counterparts and give entrepreneurs and growing businesses the space they need to work from anywhere with internet access. They allow you to do business under the name of your city – even if you have an office across town.  

Working from home has its perks. You can set your schedule and dress in whatever you feel like. But sometimes, you might need that extra boost of motivation to stay productive.  

Here is a list of dos and don’ts:   


● Pick a time and place for meetings: This will help ensure that people know when to be on standby for conferences and make it easier for everyone to agree on a date/time that works best for them (and their schedules). 

● Keep within your work hours: Avoid working overtime to maintain focus and battery life. 

● Talk it out: Communication with everyone – especially remote workers – is still super important, and you should never hesitate to ask questions. 

● Make a schedule: Be clear on expectations in and outside work. 

● Be realistic: Be realistic when expecting a professional working experience, and you’ll have a much easier time with virtual offices.   


You’ve read the benefits of virtual office servicesand are ready to make the switch! Before you do, take some time to read up on what not to do when converting your business into a virtual company.  

●    Do not use your personal computer or laptop: Your work is business-related and should have a separate professional desktop or laptop that your Virtual Office solution provider maintains. 

●     Do not access any of your old files: Be sure to back up all of your data before you make the transition. You will need this information when you go back to adjust any passwords, settings, mailboxes, etc. 

●     Do not use your phone or mobile devices: You will need access to a phone and mobile device for conference calls, office meetings, and other company-related activities. 

●    Do not buy mailboxes: Many business owners feel the need to buy their own mailbox or have the Verizon or Comcast backed up mail service send the mail for you, but this can get very expensive very quickly. 

●    Do not buy expensive phone systems: Most companies only need a phone capable of conference calls. You should invest in an inexpensive phone and call splitter to split the line. 

●     Do not use your old business address: You will no longer be able to access your old business address or P.O. Box, so it’s best to convert all your mailing and shipping addresses to the virtual office. 


Virtual offices can be an excellent way to save money on overhead costs and allow you to focus more on your core business activities. Use the tips above when you make the switch, and you’ll soon see how much easier it is to run your company in the cloud. 

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