Drunk Driving Accidents: 5 Things You Should Know When Filing Claims

If you’ve been the victim of a drunk driving accident, there are a few things you should keep in mind when filing your injury claim. Read on for more.

Imagine heading home after a rough day at work. You’ve been driving for hours, and you’re more than ready for a hot meal and your bed. 

You don’t realize your bloodshot eyes or slurred words make you likely to get into an accident until it’s too late – another driver loses control and plows into the side of your car. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to file a personal injury lawsuit and increase your compensation. Still not sure if you need help? Here are five things to know about drunk driving accidents when filing claims. Read on!

1. Gather Information

When filing a claim for a drunk driving accident, it is important to gather all of the necessary information before submitting.

Documentation such as proof of the other driver’s intoxication, photographs of the scene and damaged property, police reports, and medical records should be collected.

Insurance companies will typically need the information in order to settle and process the claim. Those involved in the accident should get contact information from everyone else involved, the responders, potential witnesses, and anyone who provided help.

The insurance agency should also be contacted as soon as possible to provide details of the experience, inform them of the extent of any injuries and damages, and provide them with all of the above-mentioned documents.

Gathering information before filing a claim for a drunk driving accident is greatly beneficial as it can expedite the settlement process and help ensure that all damages and injuries are covered in the settlement.

2. Report to the Insurance Companies and Authorities

When filing a claim due to a drunk driving accident, it is important to report it to both the insurance companies and the authorities. All drivers should accurately and honestly report the details of the accident to their insurance companies as soon as possible.

This allows them to begin the process of obtaining any necessary compensation for damages. It is equally important to involve the authorities such as the local police, sheriff, or state patrol if the accident poses a threat to public safety.

If a driver is suspected of being under the influence, the reports submitted to the authorities can be used as evidence if necessary.

If you are in an uber and an accident happens, filing a report for a drunk driving accident is essential for the correct and speedy administration of justice, as well as proper compensation for losses. 

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3. Have All Your Documents in Order

You will need a copy of the police report of the accident, medical records or bills, a detailed list of all losses, and any other documentation related to the accident.

It is important to follow any instructions provided by the insurance company. This includes providing proof of coverage, the policy number, and information about the other drivers involved.

It is also important to keep all documentation from the accident itself including records of expenses, photos of the damage to property, and any other evidence that can be used to support your claim.

Having all of your documents in order will make the process of recovering compensation for your losses in a drunk driving accident much easier and smoother.

4. Do Not Make Any Statements

When filing a claim about a drunk driving accident, one should remember to not make any statements. Doing so may implicate the victim and/or their loved ones in insurance lawsuits or criminal proceedings.

Instead, the victim should speak only to the accident lawyer or police officer handling the case and describe the facts as accurately as possible. Additionally, any damages from the accident should be appropriately documented.

This includes medical bills, property damage, and other related expenses. All documentation should be provided to the victim’s lawyer for their review.

Making any statements about the accident, even to friends or family members, can put the victim in a disadvantageous position. Speech that is forwarded to the wrong person can be used against the victim.

As a result, avoiding speaking out is the best way to protect oneself from further injustices related to a drunk driving accident.

5. Hiring an Experienced Attorney

If you are filing claims related to a drunk driving accident, hiring an experienced attorney is an important step to ensure you have the best outcome possible.

An experienced attorney can stay up to date on all the key laws that apply to your case and can advise you on all of the best strategies for your specific case.

This includes the ability to negotiate with insurance companies to get you a larger settlement or to build a strong case foundation that is less likely to lose in court.

An experienced attorney will usually be better suited to finding evidence and witnesses needed to win or settle your case, and they are better versed in the language used to negotiate with the other side.

Furthermore, experienced attorneys can advise you on any creative strategies that may help you win in court, such as filing motions, taking depositions, and the like.

Ultimately, experienced attorneys understand how drunk driving cases work in your specific location and how to best present your case.

Learn More About Drunk Driving Accidents Today

A drunk driving accident is a serious offense, and victims of these accidents should seek help and advice on how to proceed with filing claims. Knowing the five key facts detailed in this article will help guide you through the process.

Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced attorney who can assist you in filing a claim and getting the compensation you deserve.

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