Electric humidor vs wood humidor

Choosing the right type of humidor for your cigar collection can be a delicate decision. You may want to go with an electric or wood humidor – but which one is best?

Electric Humidor

An electric humidor is a device that helps to regulate the moisture inside your humidor. It does this by using an electronic detector to measure the humidity situations, and also it’ll either add or remove humidity as demanded to keep it at the asked position. This is a great option if you’re looking for commodity that’s easy to use and requires veritably little conservation.


keep your cigars in excellent condition. By maintaining a harmonious mThey will also stay fresh for longer, which means you can enjoy them for months or indeed times after purchase! This is true both for machine-rolled and hand-made cigars. If you want to enjoy even more freshness and taste, learn how to roll a wrap and make your own cigars with the tobacco of your choice.

Last but clearly not least, electric humidors tend to look more on display than traditional models. You may want commodity that blends nicely with other cabinetwork particulars or scenery so they stand out less and appear more as part of the overall design scheme. If this sounds like what you re looking for also an electronic option might be right for your requirements!

Benefits electric cigar humidor

There are many benefits to owning an electric cigar humidor. One of the most important is that you can control the humidity level in your humidor, ensuring that your cigars remain in optimum condition. Additionally, an electric cigar humidor is much easier to clean than a traditional humidor. Finally, an electric cigar humidor is a great way to reduce the amount of smoke that is released by your cigars.

wood humidor

Wood humidor is one of the most popular and popular humidors on the market today. There are a variety of reasons why people are interested in owning a wood humidor. Some people enjoy the smell of wood in the humidor, others like the idea of keeping cigars and other tobacco items in a humidor, and still others simply love the idea of smoking cigars in a comfortable, dark, and humid environment.

When it comes to wood humidors, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, humidity is important. Too high of a humidity level can cause your cigars to lose their flavor and smell. Second, the size of your humidor should be based on the type of cigars you plan to smoke. If you plan to smoke cigars Gordos or other Maduro cigars, then a smaller humidor is ideal.


The wood humidor is considered to be the traditional option for storing your cigars. numerous people choose this type because it looks veritably nice and comes in numerous different sizes – from small trip cases up to large pieces that can store hundreds or indeed thousands of cigars!

In addition to these benefits, there are also some downsides associated with using a rustic model rather of an electric bone . It may take longer for you to get both temperature and moisture situations just right if you don’t like the recommended settings on your new purchase. occasionally they will noway reach your asked position no matter how important time you put into conforming effects manually! This means it can bear further conservation overall than other options available to you.

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