Exness bonus promotion- 10% net deposit

No one in this era is unaware of the term ‘forex trading”. With it’s fast growing speed, the forex trade market has evolved as one of the largest profit generating markets of the world.

 Nonetheless, as per the regulations, you need to register yourself with a  regulated broker firm of the locality. And Exness is one of them.

What is Exness?

Exness is one of the renowned names in the forex trading world. The organization came into being in 2008 which has continued to serve its clients with top-notch customer experience. With its hard work and dedication, the company has managed to gain a reputed position in the forex trading market.

The firm especially observed a huge boost in its market value after it updated its trading platform to MT4, one of the latest and most efficient trading platforms. 

Furthermore, the firm has recently adopted MT5 as the main trading platform. MT5 is nothing else but a step ahead version of MT4, incorporated with more efficient features such as interface and productivity. 

The firm commits many advantages to their customers that Also include countless benefits to their new customers. Exness also holds some fun loyalty programs for older and loyal customers. 

 In addition, The firm never fails to attract more traders towards them by offering appealing and interesting benefits. And Exness bonus promotion is one among them. So, do you know about the offer?

What exactly is the Exness bonus?

Exness bonus is an extra sum of money granted to the new users as a welcome bonus as soon as they register their live trading account with the firm. 

The bonus generally is calculated as a percentage of the net deposit. The rate of the welcome bonus at Exness is 10%.

Net deposit is the difference between the total deposited amount and the total amount withdrawn from a real trading account.

It means that you will get 10% extra money on the sum of the total net deposit done by you in your live trading account.

However, the firm does not have any additional deposit bonuses or other benefits on a no-deposit bonus. 

How to get a 10% net deposit Exness bonus?

  1. Register yourself for a classic live trading account
  2. Verify your accounts through the directed procedure
  3. Make a deposit and ask for your bonus
  4. The software will calculate the bonus, and you will be granted the deserved sum of money. 

Referral bonuses at Exness

Different kinds of forex trading brokers offer different kinds of referral bonuses to third clients. These bonuses can be in the form of money or maybe in the form of different commission policies. 

The prime purpose of these referral bonuses is to keep their older customers hooked with the firm plus attract new ones.

However, with Exness, you don’t get any referral bonuses or commissions. And this is mainly because their Exness is well enough not to need any of these strategies to get known in the eyes of market traders.

Trading bonus for new customers

Different types of startup bonuses are offered to new traders. The traders can access these bonuses in a very convenient way.

To do so, a trader must hold one of a live trading account out of 4 at Exness. Now traders have to select the deposit type. We suggest CENT as it is one of the best choices for the forex trade market. 

More bonuses and rewards at Exness

Exness hosts a special premium program for its loyal and regular customers.  The program is introduced for those loyal traders who use exness to pursue their trading operations at a high level using a huge volume of money. 

The program provides loyal traders with numerous premium packages and advantages. The accounts are designed based on levels. 

It means that a trader must do a certain task or get fitted on specific criteria to unlock a level. At every level, the trader gets some amazing rewards in the form of bonuses or other services which are efficient enough to make trading more exciting. 

The program encompasses three levels that are 1. Preferred, 2. Elite, 3. Signature. Let us look at some of the details of each level.

  1. Preferred level: this is the first level of the premium program. On this level, the trader unlocks some benefits that are related to various marketing strategies. The benefits include proportioning, supporting, and expert trade analysis. 
  2. Elite level: this is the second level of the program. Elite possesses some premium but basic benefits such as instant trading support, high-level promotions, and a dedicated account manager. 
  3. The signature level; is the last and the highest level of the premium program. The person who unlocks this level enjoys some high-level advantages. The account lets the trader enjoy premium benefits like networking opportunities, access to C-Suite executives, and many other merits. 

Some essential details regarding exness

Every account has its details, and the minimum deposits vary for all. However, the overall minimum deposit is 10 US dollars ( valid for standard accounts only). The firm operates under FSCA, FSA, CBCS, CySec, FSC (BVI), FSC (Mauritius).

The firm uses two basic trading platforms that are 1.  MT4, 2. MT5, Which is considered one of the best trading platforms in the forex trading market. 

The firm included 107 total currency pairs with the facilities of Islam accounts and crypto. The best part is that the trading fee at Exness is comparatively very low, and trading activation remains on for 24 hours. 

On the bottom line. 

To conclude, the discussion made it clear that the Exness brokers fully offer and support welcome bonuses. Furthermore, the firm hosts another type of bonus as well in the form of premium programs. 

However, demo account holders and traders who fall under the regulations of CySEC and FSCA are not eligible for any bonuses. 

In addition, you can contact their customer service office if you want more information regarding Exness bonuses. Read more about justforex bonus

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