Experience Playing Fan Tan: Secrets to Always Winning

Fan Tan is a simple betting game originated from China, yet extremely attractive. This game has attracted the attention of many players from various countries. To help you win in this game, we will share some effective Fan Tan playing experiences.

Experience Playing Fan Tan

  1. Introduction to Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a traditional Chinese game, played on a square or rectangular table with a large number of coins placed on it. Players bet on one of four numbers, including 1, 2, 3, and 4. Then, the player must place bets on one of three types: a specific number, two numbers, three numbers, or four numbers.

After the bets have been placed, the player will begin to remove coins from the bet. One by one, the player removes the coins into groups of four until there is only one or two coins left on the table.

  • Tips to Win Fan Tan

Choosing a reputable betting website

Choosing a reputable betting website to play Fantan is very important, it ensures your safety and the security of personal information, account information in the best way. When choosing a betting address, you need to consider factors such as: operating license, customer service, security, reward rate, payment methods, and player reviews on forums…

Some reputable online casinos you can choose are Fun88, W88, 188Bet…. In particular, at Fun88 casino, players will experience Fantan with a modern gaming hall, stable transmission, high-quality video, and an interface compatible with various devices. Not only that, but players can also interact directly with beautiful, cute dealers from Europe and Asia, creating a real feeling as if sitting and playing at real casinos.

  • Choose a table that fits your budget

One of the important things when playing Fan Tan on online betting websites is choosing a table that fits your experience and budget. Some players usually want to place a large amount of money, hoping they will get a larger profit. However, this can lead to failure and loss of all the bet money.

Therefore, if you are a newbie, start with small bets, fit your budget, and focus on winning. When you have more experience with the game, you can place a larger bet.

  • Consider the number of coins on the table

Another thing to note is the number of coins on the table. If the number of coins on the table is less, your chances of winning will be higher. Therefore, you should wait and consider the number of coins on the table before placing a bet.

If the number of coins on the table is too many, you may consider betting on three or four numbers to increase the chance of winning.

  • Focus on your skills

One of the most important experiences when playing Fan Tan is focusing on your skills. You should know what you are doing and execute the steps correctly. Do not let yourself be drawn into betting on emotions or hoping luck will come. Instead, you should focus on your skills and game strategy to increase the chance of winning.

  • Use appropriate playing strategies

Some Fan Tan players believe that there is no specific playing strategy to win. However, this is not correct. You can still apply some playing strategies to increase your chances of winning.

One of the most popular strategies is to bet on the numbers 3 or 4. These are the two numbers that appear the most in the game. You can also bet on three or four numbers to increase the chance of winning.

  • Manage finances and time

Managing finances and time are two important factors when playing Fan Tan. You should set a limit to the amount of money you are willing to lose and always stay within that limit. If you have reached that limit, you should stop and not bet more.

You should also manage your time. Do not play Fan Tan for too long or too many times in one day. You need to create a play plan and stick to it to avoid losing control.


With these experiences playing Fan Tan, you can become a successful player. But remember, this game is still a game of luck, so you never know what the outcome will be. So, play for fun and keep control of your situation.

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