Five Common Injuries You May Sustain in a Toledo Car Accident

If you were in a serious car accident, you probably sustained severe injuries and stayed at a hospital for a long time. Also, this means you were not able to work for a while. Because of this, you may be wondering if you can seek financial compensation for your injuries and losses. But you might not be sure if you sustained the right kind of injury to make a claim or take legal action. Perhaps you think that you suffered just a minor injury or that your pain will subside quickly.

However, you must know that car accidents in Toledo can cause injuries that do not manifest symptoms right away.  In fact, accident-related pain can seem minor at first but tends to get worse gradually. Symptoms such as headaches, stiff neck, soreness, pains, fatigue, limited range of motion, and problem concentrating indicate injuries you deserve to be compensated for. The following are injuries you may sustain after a car accident:


This kind of soft tissue injury happens when your neck and head move violently back and forth. While some people think whiplash is a minor injury, it can be quite serious. It symptoms include neck and shoulder pain or soreness, headaches fatigue, reduced range of motion, and difficulty concentrating.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common in car accidents due to the force of impact that can cause your head to hit a hard surface. Car accidents can cause concussions, long-term cognitive impairments, and blunt force trauma.

Cuts and Bruises

Sometimes, cuts and bruises sustained in a car accident can be quite serious. These injuries usually cause pain and even disfigurement. Also, they can lead to an infection.

Broken Ribs and Bones

Car accidents can put significant force on your bones, beyond what they can bear. Car accident victims can sustain broken arms, hips, and legs. Rib bones are particularly vulnerable to injury. Broken ribs can lead to intense pain and require long periods of recovery. Also, an injury to the rib cage can lead to damage to your internal organs.

Internal Bleeding

This can be quite dangerous and requires immediate medical attention. However, because it takes place inside your body, you can sustain it without knowing it until you experience serious symptoms. This is the reason you must see a doctor as soon as possible following a car accident. Internal bleeding symptoms are not specific and can vary depending on the nature of your injury. Some of its symptoms include pain, vomiting, feeling nauseous, extreme thirst, headaches, weakness, vision changes, and others.

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