How Can Students Create Great Assignments?

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Homework is given for revision and tests are taken for the evaluation of the students but it’s the assignments given to students that do the work of revision and evaluation. Students think that assignments given to them are just a way to earn some extra credits, but if they do their assignments sincerely and without copying them from other students, then they will understand the benefits of assignments. As the teachers give those topics for assignments that they have taught the students, and when students do the assignment they learn and understand the topic in more depth,  Students can take assistance and reference from various sources for their assignments, like books, newspapers, libraries and the best and the vast source of information that is Wikipedia and Google. Using all these resources students can create amazing projects, but just having resources is not enough, other things are needed and other points to keep in mind while creating assignments.

To know how you can create a ten-on-ten assignment, keep reading the article.

Understand the Topic:  The foremost thing that students need to do is understand the topic given for the assignments. It’s the basic thing if you don’t understand what is being asked in the assignment question, then how you are going to write. Ask the teacher to explain the question, if you are not able to understand the topic. Once you understand the assignment topic, you can now move on to other steps.

Plan Ahead: A well-written assignment takes time and effort, and for this students need to give time and should plan. Students should not wait for the due date of submission and start working on the assignment early, plan what material is required, give proper time to do research about the topic, collect evidence, data and pictures etc. related to the topic and design the outline of the assignment. When all these things are done then start your assignment.

Do the Research Work: While checking the assignments teachers find so many assignments which are nothing else but the clutter of words, they are full of so much nonsense and irrelevant things that reading them gives a headache to the teacher. This happens in cases when either student hasn’t paid attention during the online teaching or teach online of the topic, thus they didn’t understand the assignment or they haven’t done the research on the topic. Research plays a crucial role in writing a well-versed assignment, students need to decide ahead, of what kind of research will be appropriate for their assignment and how many resources they need to use for the research, for example, the research of a history project can be done from the archived books, historical books and from internet articles and blogs about the topic. After the selection is done for the source of research, students need to sort out the appropriate and useful material that they can use in their assignment. 

Show Your Creativity: Assignments and project works are the best way through which students can show their creativity to present a topic or subject in a new way. That is why instead of just copying the assignment students should try to do it their way. When students create projects from their creativity they learn various skills like their innovative thinking is promoted, they develop critical- thinking skills, their problem-solving skills are developed when they find the solution to a problem on their own and their reasoning abilities are enhanced when they ask questions and reasons about the topic. All these skills will eventually develop the mental abilities of the students.

Draw a Draft: If the assignment students are making is lengthy and multi-layered they shouldn’t write it directly on their fair file or notes, create a rough draft of the assignment, placing what to write where, the sequence in which topic is to be presented, where to paste which picture etc. Once a satisfactory rough draft is made then write it on a fair sheet.

Write & Submit: The final step is writing the assignment on the fair sheet presenting all the pictures, data and evidence consequently and at last submitting it to the teacher by uploading it on the education app.

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