Are you thinking of purchasing a pontoon boat? Do you have dreams of enjoying summer drinks at sunset at sea? We don’t blame you! Let’s discuss how to achieve that dream.

The price of a pontoon boat ranges from $15,000 to up to $175,000. The cost will vary according to factors like size and accessories. We’ll explain how each option could impact the price below.

New or Used

The purchase of a brand new pontoon vessel instead of a second-hand model is a significantly higher price. However, buying a brand new boat from a dealer comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and will not be burdened by costly repairs, cleaning, or maintenance. However, buying an older engine that is not covered by a warranty can be dangerous.

Prices for used Small pontoon boats could be as low as $5,000, whereas modern pontoons can push the price to $30,000. Dealers typically provide safety equipment and other equipment as part of the deal. In the end, even though purchasing used can help save money in the initial cost, however, buying a brand-new pontoon boat can be more sustainable financially over the long term.


The cost of pontoon boat boats is very different according to the size of the boat you pick. One of the most significant aspects of pricing is the size of the boat you want to purchase. Most American leisure pontoons are twenty feet long, with smaller boats ranging from 17 to 25 feet and larger models ranging from between 25 and 28 feet.

Think about what your family may need. The differences of a few feet in the size of a boat directly affects the capacity of passengers. Smaller pontoon boats can accommodate approximately eight persons, whereas the larger models can seat up to 15 people. With every two feet larger length increase, you could anticipate a price increase of $1000-$1,500 for the exact model. Read our pontoon buying guide for boats for more details about the other differences in boats’ sizes. For more information about fashion, click to fubar news that would be the right place for you.


Take a look at your horsepower needs. Are you primarily fishing and lounging, or are you planning to take on waterskiing? If your needs for power rise, so will the cost. A pontoon boat that costs $15,000 could easily increase to some thousand dollars by upgrading the engine. A mid-size pontoon (22-feet-long with 90hp engines) costs approximately $30,000. Boats with high horsepower designed for long distances or twin-engine models will cost more.

Each pontoon boat is different. Some are better at entertaining and have bars and lots of seating. Boats for fishing typically include options like an underwater fish finder, a depth gauge and a tackle holder, along with trolling motors that help keep away fish (these alone can add $400 to your total expense). Specific models have quad seating and trademark lounges that run between the bow and stern, allowing additional space for families with more significant numbers. Lounge models tend to be higher than models designed to fish.

Maintenance Fees

If you’re thinking about pontoon boat prices, be sure to take into account the cost of fuel as well as the insurance for your boat (between $100 and $300 per year) as well as a boating permit ($55 or $65) and the registration and title. If you’re not near water, the annual storage and marina charges are also applicable adding $2000.

Although there are certain costs involved in boating activities, pontoons can last for 20 or more years by maintaining and cleaning them regularly, So you’ll reap the benefits of your investment.

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