How QuickBooks helps you to transform your small business

QuickBooks is the most advanced financial accounting software manufactured by Intuit. Designed for small businesses, this software offers a variety of features aimed at giving users control of overall accounting functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card management, and financial reporting.

Features and benefits of QuickBooks:

Finance Management

QuickBooks Hosting helps many SMBs to manage their money. One aspect of the program allows users to enter due dates and payment information for all recurring invoices. When the invoice is scheduled, users can print the check instantly from QuickBooks. Also, all transactions are recorded for easy access during future audits. With QuickBooks Pro, users can also link their bank accounts to the program. This feature not only has the convenience of being able to view all your financial records on one screen, but it also has the advantage of eliminating the need for paper statements.
Expense Billing

Professionals collect a lot of money when doing business and later charge the client. These can be small purchases such as kilometers or food, or large costs such as large trips abroad. Regardless of the size or type of expense, QuickBooks Pro has the ability for users to record each expense. Another advantage is that users do not have to make manual adjustments because they can save money on customers and orders.

Sales Invoicing

QuickBooks offers the time-saving benefit of tracking sales at the push of a button and automatically generating receipts and invoices. After that, you can easily email the invoice to the customer. The program also allows customers to be billed individually or in large quantities. The latter feature is especially useful when billing multiple customers for the same service. Users enrolled in Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services have the added benefit of being able to accept credit and debit card fees through QuickBooks. In addition, users who have subscribed to the Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks can scan checks and deposit them in the program without having to manually enter data.


QuickBooks users are able to design a variety of financial reports. This includes revenue, expenses, trends, and forecast documents year-over-year. In addition, each report can be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format and emailed electronically.

User Friendly

The creators of QuickBooks designed the software to be more user-friendly for its users, especially accountants. The users who are new to the setup provide users with a virtual orientation process. In addition, most features of the program can be activated at the push of a button.


QuickBooks Desktop version is installed on a particular machine which restricts your accessibility from anywhere. Here is where QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting comes. QuickBooks Desktop Hosting gives you the edge of using QuickBooks virtually from any device from any place and at any time simply on their Windows 10 Azure Virtual Machine. Work from home became more comfortable as you just need to have a device with an Internet connection.    


QuickBooks is believed to be the best accounting software for SMBs when it comes to complex accounting. Many businesses have adopted QuickBooks as the accounting software for their accounting. For the seamless integration of QuickBooks, you need a good hosting provider.

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