How to choose the right Custom Spearfishing Wetsuit

Fishing is a lot of fun, but there are times when you don’t want to hang around and wait for a fish to come to you. Instead, you want to go out and catch it yourself. The amount of time that you can keep your breath held is typically going to be the limiting factor in the fun of diving into the sea with a spear. Bring a mask and snorkel with you because you will only be able to go spearfishing in a limited area. You can buy masks that lengthen the amount of time you can spend freediving below the surface, as well as snorkels that make spearfishing more enjoyable. Remember to bring fins that are compatible with your dive shoes!

What wetsuit to choose for spearfishing?

Online water sports stores offer the widest selection of custom spearfishing wetsuits of various designs. Spearfishing wetsuits are available for both beginners and professionals. The product range includes wetsuits for spearfishing, surfing, swimming, diving, etc. various leading best manufacturers such as wetsuit manufacturers China, wetsuit manufacturers USA, wetsuit manufacturers Australia, and UK wetsuit manufacturers. A perfect custom spearfishing wetsuit is which meets all the requirements and daily needs of buyers. These wetsuit manufacturers have gained a good reputation for their unique qualities like eco-friendly, waterproof, flexible, cheap prices, and easy to manufacture.

Types of wetsuits

As such, there is no classification of spearfishing wetsuits. The only thing is that it is subdivided by thickness and gender (men and women). Main custom spearfishing wetsuit thicknesses:

  • spearfishing wetsuit 5 mm
  • spearfishing wetsuit 7 mm
  • spearfishing wetsuit 9 mm

The most important condition for choosing a custom spearfishing wetsuit is the climatic zone and the season during which hunting is planned. If the water is cold. There are also many natural barriers in the form of too steep relief or poor visibility. So, it is better to buy a winter spearfishing wetsuit with a thickness of 9 mm, because it will be safer and there is little chance of getting any scratches or damage on your custom spearfishing wetsuit. If you plan to visit a reservoir in the middle climatic zone without pronounced natural features, then a 7 mm wetsuit will be suitable. They are designed for hunting in the spring and autumn season. It will be hot in summer unless you are going spearfishing on the northern rivers.

The thickness of the custom spearfishing wetsuit is the most important selection criterion for the buyer, but the SeaSkin online store also offers a choice of colors. Here you can buy custom spearfishing wetsuits from camouflage to completely black. There are spearfishing models in two colors, such as swamp black. In addition, the online surfing store “SeaSkin” has a convenient site navigation, where in the description of spearfishing wetsuits you can learn more about its properties, as well as select additional accessories for it.

Wetsuit maintenance

The care rules for spearfishing wetsuits are quite simple. Do not expose it to hot temperatures while washing, and do not use detergents that contain aggressive components. After all, their use can lead to the fact that in the places of the fold, where the fabric is more vulnerable, cracks form and water will penetrate through them. The custom spearfishing wetsuit does not need to be ironed. Dry it in places where there is no direct sunlight.

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