How to Cure Pink Eye at Home?

Are you suffering from pink eye? 

The most common cause of pink eye is the highly contagious adenovirus. As this is a type of virus that can also lead to more serious respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, it is best to treat it early on. If not managed appropriately, it could even lead to missed days at work or school.

If you’ve been struggling to get through the day and call in sick for work or school and home is the only option, how to cure pink eye at home? Find out everything that you need to know about pink eye remedies.

What Is Pink Eye?

Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, is a common and contagious eye infection. It is caused by an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eyelids and the surface of the eye. Symptoms include redness, burning, itchiness, and discharge in one or both eyes.


The main symptom of pink eye is redness and itchiness around the eyes. It can be uncomfortable, but not serious. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to treat pink eye at home. Gently clean the eyes several times a day with warm water and clean cotton pads.


The burning of the eyes is one of the most common symptoms of pink eye and can be difficult to treat. Some simple steps can be taken to cure pink eye at home and reduce the burning. Apply a cold compress, or even a bag of frozen peas, to the eyes.


If you’re feeling itchy and uncomfortable due to pink eye, there are some things you can do at home to relieve the itchiness and help treat the symptoms. Start by washing your hands before and after you touch your eyes to help prevent the spread of the infection. If your eyes are feeling dry and sore, it’s important to use eye drops or artificial moisturizing tears throughout the day. 

Considering When to Seek Medical Attention

Pink eyes can usually be treated at home, however, when symptoms are severe or linger for more than a few days, it is important to consider seeking medical attention. Largely, home remedies can alleviate irritation and redness, and reduce inflammation associated with the condition. As a first step, wash your hands often with warm soapy water and avoid touching your eyes. Implementing a warm compress on the affected eye in treating dry eye disease can reduce discomfort and clear drainage.

If available, apply a lubricating eye drop, prescribed by a physician, to lubricate the eyelid and provide relief. In more serious cases, ointment or certain prescribed medications may be necessary. Keep in mind, conjunctivitis is highly contagious, so make sure to avoid contact with your eyes and face and wash your hands frequently.

In cases of a serious infection, it is important to seek medical attention, as prescribed medication may be needed.

Learn How to Cure Pink Eye at Home

Pink eye can be a troublesome and painful condition that many of us have encountered at least once in our lives. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to treat and prevent it at home. By using a combination of compresses, hot and cold baths, and cleaning the eyes thoroughly, we can help minimize the discomfort of pink eye and prevent it from getting worse. Try these tips today on how to cure pink eye at home.

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