How to Hire a Flutter Developer: Tips and Tricks to Follow

If you are designing a cross-functional app, you should hire a Flutter developer. Flutter is a very popular framework that is well-loved and preferred by many programmers. It was built by Google to build apps for desktop, mobile, and web. However, it’s not that easy to hire Flutter developers. The industry is very competitive.

Why You Should Hire a Flutter Developer

Flutter’s reload feature allows developers to see changes they’ve made in the application, and the speed of development isn’t affected by the extension of the features or by bug fixing. You can make modifications right in the code in less than a second without losing the current app version.

Flutter also offers great performance at high speed. It’s built with the Dart language, which has its own ready-made widgets that look native for iOS and Android. Perhaps best of all, Flutter is free and compatible with a number of different platforms and offers great community support.

How to Hire a Flutter Developer

There are a few ways to hire Flutter app developers, and not all of them will suit your business. Before you hire Flutter app developers, consider your budget, timelines, and cultural needs.

In-House Teams

If your goal is to launch your own software development company with multiple projects over time, you can consider building an in-house team for development. The benefit of this model is that the team will work exclusively for you, putting all their time and effort into the project. They are available and on-hand at all times, which means they will respond to you right away. You’ll also have full control over the entire development process, so it’s very easy to make a request. In-house teams share the same language, same culture, and same working process, which makes it easy to work together.

The downside to this model is how expensive it is. You will have to cover the cost of recruitment, insurance, office equipment, bonuses, sick leave, and more. You may pay up to 30% of the developer’s salary to a recruitment agent, train them at your expense, and have them abandon ship after three months. You’ll also pay for downtime when there isn’t a big project in the works.


If you have a very small project, you might want to hire a freelancer. It’s not expensive, and you only cover the cost of the work that has been done. You can also choose from the talent pool of other countries as freelancers usually work remotely.

However, good freelancers can be difficult to find. You may find that they are poor communicators or unable to complete a task, and because you haven’t signed a formal contract, you have no idea whether or not your project will be finished on time or as required.

Hiring an Offshore Team

Outsourcing your team offshore is a popular trend. It’s convenient for all businesses, small or large. It’s much less expensive to hire an offshore team, because you don’t have to pay for recruitment or office rent. Developers will also charge much less – a Ukrainian developer might charge half or even just a third of the rate of an American developer. When you use a good agency, many of the responsibilities will shift to your vendor. If a developer quits, they will replace them immediately. If you are unhappy with the performance, they will address it. And if you no longer need the developers, you can scale down.

This gives you the ability to focus on your core business instead of recruiting staff.

Where to Find An Agency

You can ask for recommendations, browse the Internet or find agencies via conferences. It’s also a good idea to vet each agency before making a decision. Ask them about past projects, and request testimonials that you can follow up on. You should also keep the lines of communication clear and open so that expectations are set early on.

Now that you know how to hire a Flutter developer (or several Flutter developers!), you can start the process of designing your app. Make sure that you research all the options so that you find a developer that can do the work without breaking the bank.

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