How To Make Bob Wigs Look Natural?

Bob wig hairstyles have been popular for many years. Especially for the straight wig, there are many celebrities who have tried this hairstyle, such as Beyonce. Beyonce’s bob wig is being hounded all the time. So Beautyforever bob wig can be the best option if you want to try a short wig.  Best of all, it’s affordable wigs. But some people will find that the bob wig is not easy to style and looks unnatural. In this post, we will share how to make a bob wig look natural and other related topics that interest you.

1. Prepare the bob wig

To get a natural wig bob style, preparation work is essential. You should trim all the hair from the edges of the human hair bob wig from the back so that they do not get stuck when attaching the wig to the head. This is especially important when attaching long bob wigs to human hair with adhesive glue. For a lace wig, the lace should be trimmed as much as possible, taking care not to damage the hairline.

2. Prepare the hair

You need to braid your natural hair or set it flat and evenly against the scalp. Care should be taken to pull back all natural hair from the hairline. Some women choose to have their natural hair in large soft curls on their heads.

3. Prepare the skin

You can use an alcohol solution on a cotton swab and gently wipe off any oil from the hair follicles. This helps ensure that the wig of the human hair is securely attached to the skin. Using adhesive tape or glue, one should apply a protective device to the scalp. For women with hair, use a flesh-colored wig cap to protect natural hair. The wig cap should cover all natural hair. To keep the cap in place, apply an adhesive to the edge of the cap and to the skin.

4. Apply adhesive

If using adhesive glue, apply a thin layer over the entire hairline using a small make-up brush or cosmetic stick. If using a soft bond adhesive, do not apply lace wig bob to human hair immediately. Wait until the glue sticks. If using tight bond adhesive, bob lace wigs can be applied immediately, such as glue bonds of this type. For those who use adhesive tape, cut the double-sided tape to the desired length, until the entire hairline is covered. Attach to one side of the skin hairline and press firmly.

5. Attach the wig bob

People who wear wigs with glue should start by attaching a bob wig (bob wig african american) to the hairline in the middle of the front of the forehead. Press the edge of the bob style wig down with the sticky skin, working around the hairline until it touches the entire hairline. If there is any glue outside the wig hairline, clean the cosmetic stick or Qtip by dipping it in an alcohol solution.

For those who attach wigs with adhesive tape, place the frontal bob wig on the head and begin to line the edges of the hairline. Start in the middle of the forehead and work out towards the temples. Then, move to the back of the nap and attach the wig to the adhesive strip one at a time.

6. The desired style

Gently brush and style curly bob wig or straight bob wig to get the desired shape, only once the adhesive has time to set. Some bang wigs can take several minutes to get a strong adhesive bond between the bob wig and the skin.

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