How To Set Foot Into Metaverse? Everything You Need To Know

The latest and currently one of the biggest buzzwords in the Metaverse. Since the announcement of this concept by Facebook’s parent company Meta, digital transformation companies have been exploring it thoroughly.

It is difficult to adequately explain what the Metaverse might hold for the world. Software development agencies are putting it up for ordinary people as an alternate & virtual space for communication, gaming, education, etc.

In broad terms, Metaverse is a hyper-realistic space designed for interactive and immersive experiences using augmented reality and virtual reality concepts.

The virtual areas can be multiple inside a multiverse, and the difference between digital and actual is completely erased. Users can enter the online world and engage in communication or activities.

The Metaverse is now even accessible using blockchain technology, and payments can be made in it. The users can make purchases just like in the real world.

But how to enter it and access what is available there? Let’s look at ways Metaverse can be accessed.

Avatar & World Creation

The world of Metaverse consists of virtual worlds, and each has its concept. Let’s consider Decantraland to better understand the steps of entering the Metaverse.

An avatar is a unique personification or representation of ourselves in the Metaverse. Every action you carry out in the Metaverse, be it shopping, partying, socialising, learning, working, or anything else you may want to do, will be carried out by your avatar.

Today, various companies and businesses use these avatars to carry out several services, including customer service, training, marketing, etc.

Avatars can also be used in healthcare and therapy to help children and adults with various disabilities.

If you want to start creating your digital avatar, several tools and services are available right now.

A digital avatar can be as simple as your 2D image or profile picture on a social media platform.

You can also create a highly specialised 3D avatar that can provide a more realistic experience for you while interacting with others in the Metaverse.

Providers like Synthesia and Ready Player Me offer customised, whole-body 3D avatars you can use in the Metaverse.

Providers like Bitmoji and Tafi create simpler avatars and have been around for years.

As a user, you have to create your virtual avatar. You will have the ability to customise the avatar and make it appear as you want. The options include eye colour, clothes, hair, accessories, etc.

Similarly, the sandbox is a metaverse game where users can create, build, purchase and sell the digital world they have created.


Since the blockchain is decentralised and its integration with the Metaverse, a considerable gap has been bridged for gamers.

Purchasers can solely own digital assets, and they are no longer the developer’s property.

When you purchase an item in the Metaverse, it is recorded on the blockchain. This transaction record is not controlled by anyone and cannot be deleted or altered.

When you purchase an item, you are assigned an NFT or a Non-fungible token proof of ownership.

A parcel is a piece of metaverse real estate sold as an NFT on the blockchain; most NFTs (including metaverse real estate) can be purchased through NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

The Metaverse is defined by interoperability and portability, which means you should be able to transport your non-real-estate virtual property such as your avatar, artwork, properties, land, and other personal items.

 However, today’s virtual worlds are not linked, and these NFTs are not connected between different metaverses.

Currently, each platform must connect NFTs to their proprietary digital assets.

This doesn’t end at gaming, though; creative pieces in digital format like music, dance, art, etc., can be purchased. Authenticity and ownership are always managed by blockchain.

Therefore, investing in cryptocurrency is recommended since it will be the only mode of purchase in the Metaverse.

Hardware Purchase

You don’t necessarily need highly specialised equipment to partake in the Metaverse, and you can even use your computer and smartphone to access the Metaverse.

However, computers and smartphones do not have the processing power required for the very smooth functioning of the Metaverse. Virtual Reality Goggles, however, will provide you with the ultimate metaverse experience.

Exploring the Metaverse is possible through a phone, but it can only be a sneak peek. For a great experience of the Metaverse, one should purchase a VR headset or at least an AR smart glasses.

The VR purchase is one choice and which VR should be purchased is another. The experience is massively impacted by the VR headset purchased.

The headset should be of such ability that the user can immerse entirely in the Metaverse, and the metaverse presence can be felt.

The most popular augmented reality gear you can use to access the Metaverse includes the Oculus Quest, Valve Index, Sony PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE Series, HP REVERB G2, and Microsoft HoloLens, Epson Moverio, MagicLeap, Vuzix, and the Google Glass Edition 2.

How To Start Your Journey Into The World of ‘Metaverse’?

Metaverse might not be here for years or even a decade completely. There can be several technical hurdles for the early starters in the Metaverse.

However, although it seems like a fad at the moment, it is almost a certainty that the Metaverse is here to stay. In a few years, the Metaverse will have the same hold on our lives as social media.

This is why choosing the right development agency is essential to guide you in the Metaverse. The right set of tools is needed to understand the setting up of your presence.

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