How to Use a Saliva Drug Test Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to use a drug test kit that uses saliva? They can be an easy and accurate way to test for drugs, and we’ll show you how to use one in this blog post. Saliva drug tests are popular with employers and individuals because they are easy, quick, and don’t cost too much. Read on how to use a saliva drug test kit.

How does a saliva drug test kit work?

A saliva drug test kit is a way to check for drugs in saliva without hurting the person. This drug test can find alcohol, marijuana, drugs that make you sleepy, and other illegal drugs. Saliva drug test kits take a sample of a person’s saliva and look for illegal drugs. 

A swab or small saliva inside the cheek is usually used to get a saliva sample. After a sample is taken, either immunoassay or chromatography technology tests the saliva for different drugs. Most of the time, this method gives results quickly, often within minutes. Collecting saliva samples also helps reduce cheating because most people can’t change their samples without getting caught. After all, saliva changes all the time.

Getting Ready for the Test

It can be easy to get ready for a saliva drug test. One of the most important things is to buy a saliva drug test kit at least 24 hours before the test. When you use this kit, it’s essential to read the directions carefully and do what they say. Also, to ensure your saliva sample is as accurate as possible, ensure it has reached room temperature. 

Saliva samples taken below room temperature are not valid tests. Also, saliva drug test kits should be kept in the way the instructions say so that they don’t go bad too soon. If you need them, many stores sell saliva drug testing kits with longer shelf lives, which could be helpful if more tests are coming up soon.

Talking about the things you need for the test

You will need a few things to ensure the results are correct when it comes to saliva drug tests.

  • First, the saliva drug test kit should have a collection card and a minimum of 5 mL of saliva.
  • Also, you’ll need an ID check form to make sure the person being tested is who they say they are. These things are necessary to do a saliva drug test correctly.
  • Overall, saliva drug test kits have everything you need for a good saliva drug test.

Before saliva-based drug tests, it’s important to follow specific rules. A good test result depends on how well the mouth is cleaned. Ensure that your saliva drug test kit has a swab and a solution for sterilizing it. 

Use the swab to clean the inside of your mouth and teeth for about 15 seconds. After that, rinse your mouth with 15 mL of cold or warm water five times. Then, drink some of the sterilizing solutions that came with the kit. Move it around in your mouth, and then spit it into a sink or other container. By doing this, any excess saliva or debris will be flushed away, giving you precise results on the test.

Getting a Sample

After getting everything ready, one of the most critical parts of using a saliva drug test kit is getting a sample. Saliva samples should be taken with a saliva swab from the inside of each cheek near the lower molars, where saliva production is highest. The saliva sample should be in the drug test kit’s saliva collection vial. For this to be reliable, it should be done within 10 minutes of spitting, or the saliva levels might need to be higher for testing. After ensuring enough saliva is sealed correctly, the sample can be sent to a certified lab for accurate results.

Instructions on how to get a sample of saliva

Saliva samples are easy to get, mainly when you use a saliva drug test kit.

  1. The assistant should choose the right saliva collection swab and open the vial. 
  2. The saliva collector will then need to put the saliva collection swab in the mouth of the saliva sample donor and move it around for about two minutes to get enough saliva on the swab. 
  3. The assistant must put the wet swab into the saliva collection vial, ensuring it is entirely covered by liquid. 
  4. Once this is done, the person giving the sample must ensure the vial is correctly sealed before giving it back to the saliva collector for more testing.

How to Read the Results

Once you’ve used a saliva drug test kit to get saliva samples, you’ll need to read the test results. It’s important to know that saliva tests are only a guess, not a sure thing. This means that saliva tests can give a general idea of whether or not there are drugs in the body, but it is always best to have any positive results confirmed in a lab. 

Depending on the saliva drug test kit you use, you may see simple words like “positive,” “negative,” and “invalid” that tell you how you did. When you’re ready to read and write down your drug test results, you should always check the instructions with your saliva drug test kit.

When figuring out how to interpret the results of a saliva drug test kit, it’s essential to keep in mind that saliva tests look for metabolites, which are byproducts of drug use. Depending on the substance, these metabolites can stay in your saliva for a few hours to a few days after use. The saliva test results should be seen as a sign of recent drug use rather than a sure way to tell if someone has used drugs. 

Also, it’s important to remember that saliva tests can give false positive or false negative results because of medications and the byproducts of how they break down. So, if there is any doubt about the saliva drug test results, a more specific test must be done to ensure.

How long are the results accurate?

A saliva drug test kit may be an easy and convenient way to check for drug use, but it is important to know how long the results are accurate. Saliva tests are usually only precise up to 48 hours after drug use. This makes them a less reliable choice when trying to find out if someone used drugs more than two days ago. Consider when choosing a saliva drug test because if the test is taken more than 48 hours after drug use, there may be analytical errors.


A saliva drug test kit is a valuable tool that can be used to find out if someone is using drugs. The kit has everything you need to take the test and figure out what it means. It’s important to carefully follow the instructions and read the results correctly if you want accurate results.

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