Important Tips for Safe and Effective Mold Removal

Important Tips for Safe and Effective Mold Removal

I think we can all agree that molds are super gross. And no matter in what weather you live in, it’s bound to grow in some places in your house. Dark, humid and warm corners at your home are the breeding grounds for molds.

So, if you notice any mold buildup recently, there is nothing to worry about. Because today., I have brought you some important tips for safe and effective mold removal. With these tips, your mold removal will be quick and effortless.

Mold removal from carpet

Carpet molds are pretty common in humid areas. The mold can also grow if it has frequent contact with moisture. Start by ventilating the room where the carpet is placed. Then use a stiff brush and wipe off as much visible mold as possible.

Then use a baking soda and vinegar mixture on the affected area. Let the mixture sit there overnight. Afterwards, scrub the area with the brush again to completely remove the molds from the carpet. Before using the carper again, make sure it’s completely dried out. Additionally, check websites for more professional and DIY mold cleaning tricks.

Mold removal from wooded surface

Don’t be surprised if you notice your wooden floor or deck with mold buildup. Molds can grow on woods, too, and the good news is that it’s easily removable. Like carpet mold removal, remove any visible molds with a brush first. Then you can use multiple products to deal with the rest of the mold.

Sometimes, something simple like a water and soap mixture can get the job done. If the mold buildup seems more intense, try using distilled vinegar or bleach and water mixture. Lastly, finish by wiping out the whole surface.

Mold removal from walls

You might be wondering how molds grow on your room walls. Well, let me tell you, molds can stay inactive on your wall, and as soon as they get in contact with moisture, it becomes visible in no time. However, the good thing here is that wall mold can be removed with something as simple and available as bleach.

You have to mix one portion of water with three portions of bleach and pair that up with some old school hard scrub. You’ll start to notice the mold disappearing in minutes. If the mold buildup is severe, you might need to let the mixture rest for some time before scrubbing.

Mold removal from grout, floor and tiles

At this point, I am assuming we have come to the kitchen or bathroom. As these two are the most humid areas in most households, mold buildups are pretty common and obvious. Moreover, the tiles and grouts sometime have texture finishes, making it easier for molds to grow and harder for you to remove them.

But no matter how dense the mold buildup is, you can easily clean them up with the old school baking soda paste. Just mix one spoon of water with three scoops of baking soda and apply the paste over the affected area. Then give it a good scrub and finish with a good rinse.

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