Key Features To Look For In EMS Dispatch Software

Time is crucial when your organization is tasked with saving lives. You need a reliable and customizable emergency dispatch system to promote clear, concise communication and improve response time with the parties involved. There are many crucial features to look out for before deciding on software.

Dispatch software should make processes smoother and faster. It should be portable, lightweight, and allows multi-manager access. The software should have cloud-based hosting with a user-friendly interface.  Every feature of the software should aid the delivery of quicker emergency services.

Here are the key features to look for in EMS dispatch software.

Lightweight And Portable

EMS crews carry loads of luggage. Your EMS dispatch software should not be an added burden to the team. Your team handles medical emergencies daily: solely relying on something as bulky as a computer may not be ideal. Your dispatch system should feature an app your team can access on their iPads in a heartbeat. This will allow them to get urgent notifications in real time without having to log into their browsers.

Multi-Manager Login Access

EMS agencies often operate around the clock every day of the week. Inevitably, there must be more than one person accessing the system. A great EMS dispatch software should enable multiple people in administrative and advisory capacities to log in. Some systems will even have different levels of success where the primary manager can reserve most of the administrative controls.

Cloud-Based EMS Dispatch Software Hosting Systems

Downtime periods on cloud-based hosting systems are significantly fewer than many in-house infrastructures. The downtimes also tend to be shorter because there are teams dedicated to maintaining these systems. Cloud-based systems are more scalable and tend to be affordable compared to locally hosted systems.

CAD Integration And Compatibility

As an emergency service provider, it’s crucial that your eCPR software is compatible with your computer-aided dispatch system. Integration ensures that dispatchers and ambulance crews can communicate more efficiently and closely. It saves time, reduces errors, and improves the reliability of your emergency responses. The compatibility will also speed up the documentation processes for billing and, as a result, reduce the time required by the crew members in data entry.

User-Friendly And Intuitive Interface

The best EMS dispatch software is user-friendly. Preferably, opt for models your staff has interacted with before and, if not, are easy to learn. Popular devices are easier to integrate due to ease of use. The intuitive interface also makes the training process much faster and more efficient.

You want dispatch software that will need minimal training time. Many products can achieve your EMS needs but lack adequate support for users. Therefore, employees never truly realize their true potential. No matter how good a dispatch software is, its value remains limited if the users cannot effectively use it.

Choose The Best Dispatch Software

Your dispatch software affects your agency and has real implications for your patients. An adequate system should allow providers less time sifting through processes during and after dispatch and more time getting to their patients. It should speed up the transmission of information across the different stakeholders and make for a more efficient process for your services.

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