Magical shrooms are now online for you

Shrooms are another name of mushrooms but on our site, it’s known as magic mushrooms. Magic mushroom is a natural product and it is wild or cultivated mushrooms and also contain psilocybin. psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychoactive thing. Psilocybin is mostly used as medicines, drugs cosmetics, photogenic films, and vitamin capsules. On our site shrooms direct is a wide range of supply of magic mushrooms we deliver our products 2 UK, US, India, Dubai, Australia, Germany, Russia, etc. You can also place your order on our site Psilocybin-containing shrooms on our site are classified as a high potential drug it is classified as a hallucinogen.


Dried shrooms:-

These are the best mushrooms we provide all over the world. Near bright rooms are made of special and very selected psilocybin. We grow mushrooms under the best care and good look after them to make it best magic mushrooms for you.

Shrooms edibles:-

Shrooms are cannabis-based products and we deliver them in varieties like gummies, capsules, brownies, tea etc. And all of them are weed’s active ingredient THC and CBD included. It’s really good in taste and makes you feel amazing in your new world created with magic mushrooms.

Shroom tea:-

We usually drink tea in our daily life but this tea is very different from others because it is made of magic mushrooms. It’s a liquid product that’s why it is really simple to take and when you take only one sip then magic kicks in. Shrooms tea has different benefits also because it gives peace of mind and takes care of your mental health also. Shrooms tea hits different it absorbs faster than others it goes easy on the stomach and it is very tasty also.


It’s an easy intake of psilocybin. And its adventure comes in a pack of 3 or 7. The result of these capsules is the same as other products on our site. In the market, it is also known as microdose mushrooms.

About products:-

Golden emperor shrooms:-

Because we are very transparent in front of our clients that’s why we also revealed the making and origin of the product so this product is origin in Florida everglades. And you to we care about our customers we also remind them the starting dose and on our side, we have strength level check also. So that you can assume your strength of intake. It is a very old product and people of the ancient time used to take it.

Transkei cubensis shrooms:-

We brought premium quality shrooms from South Africa wild shore regions which are named Transkei cubensis shrooms. It is a medium-strength shroom which is only for $25. It is firstly found near the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is sensation enhancing psilocybin product and it will be a great choice for small doses for first-timers. People have different psychology and metabolism and their brain chemistries are also different to respond to Psilocybin. So for the first time, this product is perfect for them.

Penis envy cubensis:-

It is a very advanced level of psilocybin so it is not for first-timers. Its effect remains for 4 to 5 hours because it has the most potent strains available. It will take you to peace of mind and enhance your activeness. It is a very strong Shroom available on our site.

Alacabenzi magic mushrooms:-

Its origin in Alabama and it’s some medium level of psilocybin. The duration of its psilocybin is 4 to 6 hours. You will feel the more physical and spatial effect and you will also feel relaxing head and body sensations on the very starting dose. It is a good product for starters who want to go into the state of hallucinogen. The first-timer should take it with a familiar environment.

Golden emperor lemon tek gummies:-

This product is the most delicious on our list because it is gummies with cannabis ingredients in them. Magic mushrooms gelatin sugar lemon juice are the basic ingredient of this product. It has 0.7 g of brown golden emperor magic mushrooms per gummy. It should be out of the reach of minors and pets.

Shroom tea:-

It is the most simple intake product on our list and it is very special because it is can only product in this category. Because people used to drink tea in their daily life we came up with the idea of this product. It comes in different flavors like lemon Ginger, licorice leaf, coconut, and pineapple. And these all contain 1.5 grams of psilocybin. It is clearly labeled on the packet that it should be kept in a dry place and should be consumed within a year of purchase. It takes only 10 to 40 minutes for the initial effect to begin. And we strongly advise you to wait for four hours before consuming another type of drink. You need to know that you can’t travel on board with this.

Shrooms chocolate:-

People like to eat chocolate that’s why we deliver them their satisfaction with psilocybin for their enjoyment also. It is very delicious and contains one gram of psilocybe cubensis. Remove date into a flower shape to make it more attractive and cover it with strain-specific foil. It should be kept in a cool and dry place and consume within a year. After intake of shroom chocolate, you will feel it within 10 to 40 minutes. Shrooms chocolate gives you relaxation in mind and also a state of comfort with your surroundings.

Mazatapec cubensis:-

Its origin is in Oaxaca which is in Mexico. It is medium strength of psilocybin which I have a duration of 4 to 8 hours. In 1950 American researchers first found magic mushrooms and then become famous across the world.

When you visit our site and check each of these products you will find that be brought the premium quality of psilocybin from different parts of the earth. That’s why we are sure that we have premium quality.

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