Manga’s Most Popular Genres: Which One Is Right for You?

In today’s world, there’s no denying that comic books and graphic novels have become a popular form of entertainment. With the number of readers growing more and more every day, it’s no wonder that publishers have started putting out books featuring everything from romance, mystery, action, adventure, fantasy to science fiction. But with so many options out there, how do you know which type of comic book to read? Do you love funny books full of quirky characters and witty dialogue, or do you prefer your characters to be a bit darker and heavily influenced by dark subjects? Do you prefer a book that represents the past or is influenced by the future? Do you like it when the protagonist has superhuman abilities or not?

So many choices, so many books. And the good news is that there are thousands of them!

With so many different genres of mangago books available, it can be hard to know where to begin and what to work out. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the most popular and bestsellers available on the internet. Whether you’re new to reading comic books or you’re simply taking more experience in reading, you’ll find something to love in this guide.

What Is Manga?

Manga is a type of comic, or graphic novel from Japan. While some English comics are also released as graphic novels, they’re not the same as a Reading manga in Japan.

The word “manga” in Japan means “randomly” or “improvised”, and that’s reflected in the form of the stories themselves. Manga stories are characterized by the use of randomness in plot and character development.

Manga tends to be shorter than American comics, with most running between 24 and 48 pages in vol. There’s no set length for a typical manga chapter, as the format encourages storytellers to be creative with their pacing.

Manga has a loose setting and period, which allows for a lot of creative freedom when it comes to storytelling.

Manga characters are often adolescent or young adult (or endearing childlike) in age, though there are notable exceptions. The vast majority of manga characters are male, though a small number of female-oriented manga exist.

Manga often emphasizes the importance of friendship and comradeship, and there are frequent references to loyalty and justice among friends.

Shōnen Manga

Shōnen is the preferred genre of many young male readers, which may lead some readers to believe that it’s an exclusively male genre. However, the popularity of shōnen manga among female readers has grown tremendously in the last few years, and it’s now one of the most popular genres among female readers.

Shōnen mangaowl typically features male protagonists in their early teens, though there are notable exceptions. These protagonists are generally skilled at martial arts and often have a mentor-like figure to teach them about being a better person.

Shōjo Manga

Shōjo manga is for the most part aimed at a female audience. Depending on the author, the target audience may be little girls or young women.

The settings of shōjo manga are almost exclusively school-based, and the stories tend to focus on the relationships between students.

Shōjo manga features female protagonists who are often in their early teens. These protagonists are often the target of unwanted affection from male characters, and the manga often focuses on how the female character develops her sense of self-worth you can also check Mangakakalot.

Like shōnen manga, there are notable exceptions, and in some cases shōjo manga feature stories with very mature themes.

His manga

His manga (from the word “heterosexual”) are for the most part aimed at a female audience.

The settings of his manga are almost exclusively school-based, and the stories tend to focus on the relationships between students.

Unlike many other genres, his manga doesn’t feature an “evil” school or authority figure – these characters are almost always depicted as misguided or misinformed.

Josei manga

Josei’s manga features an adult (usually female) protagonist who is often the student body president of her high school.

The setting of a josei manga is almost always a high school, though there are a few exceptions. The stories often focus on the relationships between students, teachers, and staff members.

While josei manga features female protagonists, they don’t necessarily feature romantic storylines. In some cases, the story focuses on the character’s femininity and the way it’s used as a weapon by various antagonists.

Big Comic Book Releases

Big comic book releases are the most common type of manga you’ll find at bookstores and comic book shops.

These are the books that get released as a complete series. They’re usually 12 volumes long and cost somewhere between $12 and $17 on the web.

These types of books tend to be big-time commercial hits that sell tens of thousands of copies, and often make it onto best-of-year lists.

Big comic book releases are what they sound like – they’re the type of books that feature lots of large-scale action, often with plenty of explosions and violence.

Many of these books create part of a larger series, and often the characters will appear in other books under different titles.

Short Stories About Common Topics

Thousands of short stories are about typical issues in life aimed at all ages. So regardless of if you are a man or woman, you may find something to love.

These books are usually 22 pages long and cost between $6 and $9 on the web.

The stories in these types of books tend to be very relatable and realistic, and they often represent real-life topics like school, romance, family, adventure, mystery, or work.

These types of books are generally popular among middle and high school students, though there are notable exceptions.


There are many different genres of manga available on the web, and it can be hard to tell which one is right for you.

If you’re a fan of action or fantasy, you may enjoy shōnen manga. If you prefer your stories to have a bit of a darker tone, you may enjoy shōjo manga or his manga.

If you’re more interested in contemporary topics, josei manga may be right up your alley.

The only way to know for sure is to try out each kind of manga and see what you think! And you may also write reviews about what you learn or what you think of the manga.

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