Materials required for the manufacturing of the bullet fabric

This fabric is also known as bullet Liverpool fabric. It is mostly prepared by a blend of polyester and spandex, which provides great strength to this fabric and makes it bullet fabric. Many other compounds are also involved in its manufacturing like only polyester, cotton along with some other compounds like aramid or carbon fiber, a mixture of nylon and spandex. Means mixtures can be different, but these following compounds play a key role in its preparation:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Spandex
  • Aramid
  • Viscose
  • Carbon fiber
  • Metallic
  • Linen
  • Para or meta aramid
  • Lycra etc.

Specialties of the bullet fabric:

Some amazing features of this fabric make it very amazing and different from other ones. This fabric is considered one of the most widely used and popular fabrics in the world due to its unique properties. Here we will discuss some specialties of this fabric:

  • Breathable:

This type of fabric has small microscopic pores that enable the entry and exit of the air through this. Due to this specialty, we can say that this fabric is breathable. If you make blankets of this fabric, you will avoid the issue of suffocation. You feel very comfortable by using this fabric.

  • Quick-dry:

The first thing is that it is waterproof, but if enough water falls on it, it will be forced to get absorbed into it. Then this water will be evaporated and the fabric becomes dry in a very short period. If you wash this fabric in winters, it will get dry very quickly, so provide its users with mental peace and relaxation.

  • Memorable:

It has many designs that resemble an object or have a symbol attached to it that form the memory of the object. For instance, many types of these fabrics are specially designed for valentines day to make them memorable and special, or some have special prints on them like prints of amazing flowers, etc.

  • Flameproof:

It prevents or inhibits the outbreak of fire that may prove very dangerous. You are very secure by using this fabric. Such standard fabrics are prepared under special care and by coating a special layer on them that makes them bulletproof and flameproof.

  • Wrinkle resistant:

Slots don’t look good on anything, whether it’s a worn suit or bed sheets on the bed. One of the special features of this fabric is that it does not have wrinkles on it and therefore it retains its luster.

Is the density of the bullet fabric remain fixed?

Density is a measurement that provides the base weight of the fabric, given as a value of grams per square meter. No, its density is not fixed in the case of different designs of this fabric. Its density may vary from one style to another. The most popular densities of this fabric are as follows:

  • 200×200
  • 68×68
  • 133×72
  • 133×100
  • 180×120

In which countries bullet fabric is usually demanded?

Demand for this fabric has grown significantly. This fabric is used all over the world. It can be used for any purpose like for making designer dresses, headbands, handbags, bedsheets, sofa covers, curtains, shoes and socks, trousers, or gowns, etc. It is very popular in many states of the US, and besides this, it is also very popular in China, Pakistan, India, America, Turkey and South Korea, etc.

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