Medical Cannabis Therapy – everything you need to know about THC prescriptions

Cannabis Plant introduction

Medical cannabis has generated a lot of interest, as well as controversy.  Many myths have grown up around the use and potential of cannabinoids. It is worth noting that there is no scientific basis to expect a full cure for cancer or other serious diseases with THC. However, one thing is certain, once medical marijuana is used, we are facilitating supportive management in oncology patients.

How do you get a prescription?

You can obtain a Colorado medical card in several ways. Contrary to appearances, you don’t have to suffer from an incurable/deadly disease; after all, cannabis can be used for multiple sclerosis, drug-resistant epilepsy, or many autoimmune diseases. Nevertheless, a doctor can also prescribe it for sleep disorders – on a spectrum broader than insomnia. Cannabis is not a first-line therapy, which means that the decision to prescribe a medical marijuana prescription should be based on the patient’s prior documentation of the condition, which will be prepared well in advance of the appointment.  Mmj doctor can issue, also in the following cases. Only first time applicants aged 18-20 will need to submit certificates from two providers from two different medical practices when they apply. If the patient is at home, the providers do not need to be from different practices. A processing fee must be paid, which is likely to be $29.50. It is worth mentioning that MMJ clinics are serious about helping you get the relief you need, and the doctors have been approved by the state to recommend medicinal marijuana to you.

Prescription renewal

The final step in applying for a medical marijuana card online-fill out and submit an application through the state’s website. After two to five business days, you will receive a response, and if it is positive, you will be able to print out your own card and legally use medical marijuana. Once you have been approved for medical cannabis you should think about a future prescription renewal. Once approved by your doctor, you will receive a Provider Certification number that will allow you to apply for a medical marijuana card in the state of CO. 

Where do we buy medical marijuana?

We can easily purchase it Pharmacy, just like any officially registered medicine. Simply buying cannabis at a pharmacy is no different than buying any other prescription drug.

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