Mysore Makes a Perfect Vacation Destination for you

Well, it would not be wrong to say that there are some places that have a touch of beauty in every aspect.  Of course, Mysore is one such place undoubtedly. It is situated in the state of Karnataka. The city is considered to be one of the prime tourist destinations in India.

It is the rich cultural heritage and historic significance of this city along with gorgeous palaces, beautiful gardens, vibrant festivals and excellent craftsmanship that make this city a great place for tourists. And there are reasons you should book grand mercure mysore for your stayover. After all, you need a place to stay for your vacation wherein you can be comfortable and enjoy luxury. What is the point if you have a beautiful place like Mysore your destination but your stayover is in a random hotel and you feel really uncomfortable and tired all the time? So, don’t forget that the beauty of a trip or vacation also depends on your comfortable and cozy stayover too. For now, have a look at some splendid tourist attractions of Mysore to excite yourself for your forthcoming vacation to this city of palaces.

The Splendid Mysore Palace

One of the proud possessionsof Mysore  and one of the most visited attractions of India, Mysore Palace is an exciting and amazing man-made structure. Once you look at this place, you feel that the splendid structure informs you about diverse types of tales of India’s complex and intriguing past. Such a palace was once a royal and sophisticated residence of the mighty Wodeyar rulers, who reigned Mysore for approximately seven centuries. …

Now if you talk about the geographical area of this Mysore Maharaja Palace, it is located in the heart of stunning Mysore city. One of the massive palaces in India, this palace was ornated by a well-known British architect, Henry Irwin. This stunning looking palace is known for its superb architectural beauty that mixes Hindu, Muslim, Gothic, and even Rajput chic of architecture. Once you are there, you would feel it too!

Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake is located right at the foot of the well-known Chamundi Hills. King of Mysore formed up the lake. This is a 90-acre water body that is amidst the biggest lakes in the state of Karnataka. Moreover, this lake is behind Mysore Zoo and under its overall control. Karanji Lake is the place that encourages migratory birds and even you can spot over ninety species of birds at this splendid place. Not to forget that there is also a picturesque park near the lake. The park has a massive enclosure for birds and it is believed to be the hugest of its kind in the nation. The place gets you an opportunity to observe different types of birds really closely. If you are a nature or birds’ person, you will definitely find the place no less than a double delight.

Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

This is a place that is going to please everyone and anyone who is a nature enthusiast.  The place is spread over a huge area of around 150 acres and Brindavan Gardens are considered to be the premium in Mysore. This lovely stretch of land is situated only a level below the well-known Krishna raja Sagar Reservoir, which is formed across the Cauvery or Kaveri River. It might also interest you that this garden is approximately eighteen 8 kilometers north west of this amazing city.

Moreover,  the most stunning thing about Brindavan Gardens are the spectacular and elegant fountains that appear wonderful during the night when the authorities light them up. Sunset is the best time of the day to visit this garden and enjoy the sight of water (from different fountains) dance to the rhythmic beats of pleasant music. The whole zone of the garden that is packed with grass, shrubs, and even that of trees looks like a well-manicured splendid lawn. Within the garden, there is even a particular children’s park, hydraulic research station and even that of fisheries station. You are  not going to be disappointed by this amazing spot. No matter  you are a nature lover or not, you would love it for sure.

Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum

Do you feel that you are an innovative person? Do you like to appreciate and enjoy the art of diverse times? Well, then this museum is certainly going to be of your choice.  You are going to find it to be a distinct and comparatively a new addition to the list of sightseeing spots in the realm of Mysore.  This spot displays a massive array of brilliantly sculpted sand creations. One of its types in the whole India, Mysore sand sculpture museum, offers the sculptures made just out of sand and water. All the sculptures here showcase unparalleled and really refined craftsmanship, accuracy, and innovative excellence. You will surely end up praising the art of this space plentifully.

Kukkaranahalli Lake

Kukkarahalli Lake is believed to be as a prominent and adored attraction of Mysore. It is situated in the centre of Manasagangothri, the Mysore University campus. This lake was formed up in the year 1864 by Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar as a main source of irrigation. You can have a good look of the pristine lake at this place.

St. Philomena’s Church

You would be excited  to know that it is the second hugest churches in the whole Asia. It was built by Mysore King specially for the European residents of Mysore. It has become an example of spiritual harmony and understanding. This church is dedicated to St. Philomena. The building is really attractive looking and stunning.

Somnathpur Temple

In case you are a spiritual person then you should not miss skip out this spiritual destination. Speaking of Somnathpur Temple, it is a prominent attraction in a tiny namesake village, which is located about thirty-five kilometers away from Mysore. This temple is also called Keshava Temple and Chennakesava Temple. Built by Hoysala rulers during their reign in this area , the temple stays as an artefact of the bygone times.


To sum up, you have all the reasons you should book grand mercure mysore for your vacation to Mysore. Go head and make the most of every tourist destination.

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