Oliver Kahn – a German titan

Throughout his career, Oliver Kahn was famous for his light-fast reaction and the real animal courage, which made it possible for him to sacrifice everything for saving the gate. It is for this reason that fans from all over the globe followed every of his games in the live soccer form. Indeed, the German was one of the best goalkeepers of his time. He spent 14 years at Bayern Munich in a row, having been at the club’s football peak (1999-2002). Moreover, an offensive defeat from Manchester United in the 1998-1999 Champions League final triggered his development. After that, Oliver several times literally pulled his team to new stages of a particular championship. 

At the 2002 World Cup, he managed to bring the German national team to the final. However, Kahn is also believed to be the culprit for the lost trophy, since it was due to his mistake that Brazil was able to score a goal and keep a suitable score. For the live soccers viewers, this event was a real shock.

Kahn’s certain peculiarity were his eleven-meter kicks, with which he coped with inherent expression. In particular, Kahn won a series of penalty shots against Valencia and got victory in the Champions League final for Bayern.

Oliver Kahn’s best moments

Having played hundreds of official games in various tournaments, Kahn was remembered by viewers and experts for a few bright games that were written in the world football history. At the same time, he is most appreciated not by the saves in Bundesliga matches, but in the international games since there the stakes are much higher. 

  1. Kahn managed to make as many as three saves during a series of 11-meter shots in the final game of the Champions League 2001. Combined with his teammates’ successful shots, this put an end to a long and intense game.
  2. At the end of the above-mentioned game, Kahn went not to his team’s players first. Instead, he spent a lot of time with Valencia goalkeeper Santiago Canizares, who lost a duel to him. He calmed him down and showed himself to the best advantage.
  3. Among hundreds of Bundesliga games and matches on the international level, the best and most important save in Kahn’s career takes a special place. It was made in the Champions League 1999-2000 in the game against Roma. 

All of these and many more allowed Kahn to write himself into the world football history as one of its legends. Many modern goalkeepers compare themselves to Kahn, and this is one of the main signs of honor and recognition. On the other hand, opponents were frightened and respected him. For example, Niko Patchinski said that one should celebrate a goal to Oliver’s gate at the other end of the field.

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