Pearson Femenia, Provide Positivity For Team

Nigel Pearson and Kiko Femenia have spoken with a lot of positivity for the Hornets despite their situation. The team is yet to come up with a solid composition to continue their impressive run in the second half of the season.

Femenia recently returned from the injury that he had in the team’s win over the Wolverhampton Wanderers. He played a big role in their wins over Manchester United, Aston Villa before missing seven straight games.

‘I’m happy to be back from my injury’, he said. ‘It’s been very frustrating because it’s been a month and a half that I haven’t been able to compete. I haven’t been able to do what I love and have had to train separately. I think an injury is the worst thing for a player, but I’m better now, 100 percent recovered. I’m back with the team and so I’m happy’.

Femenia’s return was well-received by the team. His return will give Pearson’s squad a bit of a boost and diversity on positions.

‘I feel very comfortable as left-back but I’m not overly bothered which side I play on’, said Femenia. ‘I just need to be prepared for wherever the gaffer sees me fit to play. I will try to give my all’.

With 11 matches left, the former Barcelona and Real Madrid full-back returns to the lineup and will surely help the Hornets in their fight.

‘How I see the end of the season is us making a success of the season’, he said. ‘The main objective is to save ourselves from relegation and I think we have it in us, the group, to do so. I’m looking forward to contributing to the team from now until the end of the season so that we can make a success out of this situation’.

Nigel Pearson retains the confident mentality that he had to start his stint with the Hornets. He believes that the team can still do it with 11 matches left in the season.

‘I believe we can do it’, he said in an interview. ‘I honestly think that. We’ve got a very good, realistic chance. We’ve got to be able to find a way of functioning as close to maximum as we can even when not at our maximum. It’s a difficult thing to do but that’s what we are trying to do’.

Pearson has engineered a couple of comebacks, especially with Leicester back in 2015.

‘You don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you’ve got to do that’, said Pearson. ‘It’s very dangerous to do that. What we mustn’t do is think that we’ve done that there (at Leicester) and so it will work here. It doesn’t work like that’.

He also explained the difference in the situation that the team is in right now.

‘I’m different, he (Craig Shakespeare) is different, the players are different, the circumstances are different’, said Pearson. ‘Our biggest job is to free them (the players) up so they can still go out and enjoy playing football, which is a very difficult thing to do and a very easy thing to say’.

Pearson said that finishing at the 17th spot or even above would be his biggest managerial achievement. It would take a lot to achieve that goal.

‘I don’t want to look too far ahead’, said Pearson. ‘We are going to have to deal with a lot of negative and positive stuff here on in to give ourselves the best chance, so we’ve got to show an awful lot of resilience’.
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